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PimpOS Review

  • Best hashing os i've tried.
    -Super easy to download, transfer the image to ssd,
    -great guides for optimizing bios
    -great help files and videos to start test-hashing to make sure everything is setup correctly & running right
    -ton of sample config files for lots of runway to start playing and optimizing
    -can't quite figure something out? head over to #pimp on IRC and get near instant feedback, support, and good humor
    -AND it comes with a free miner.farm account! monitor your rig from afar for free! Plus notifications for any problems

    so much better than ethos and windows. and based on testing, higher hash rates on the same hardware running the same algo's.

    Cheers to pimpos - making the complicated streamlined, simple, well supported, and enjoyable.

  • @brian-lanehart Thanks for your feedback! We try for you and become better. Thank you for being with us ;)

  • I am pretty disappointed. I bought 2 copies of PiMP for mining Monero based on the sales pitch that it would run out of the box with no tinkering. It worked great for a few weeks until the Monero fork and now I can't mine Monero unless I download XMR-Stak, compile it myself, and figure out how to get it to work. I consider this tinkering and with my limited knowledge of Linux, it renders PiMP useless to me. $70 bucks down the toilet.

  • @tnewbold1 you mad about the fork or the catchup time it's taking? I'm confused.

  • Perhaps I'm naive, but I would expect PiMP to be ready with an update when the fork happened or at least some guidance. I've had to abandon PiMP and return to Windows to be able to get my rigs working again.

  • Staff

    The miner developers do not do their job - we have to make bandaids to fix their mess - you can wait or mine another coin or build your own miner and use a user profile until it is resolved.

  • I installed the ccminer update today and I'm back online. Thank you!!!


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