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gputool --config Won´t load on startup

  • gputool --config not loading on startup on 2 rigs
    fresh install
    also applied long time wait but gputool --config just wont load automatically.


    i have tried also cp startup.new startup.sh with no editing
    it won´t load
    Tried Reimaging, changed HDD but no luck.

  • found a solution to fix this problem.
    If someone has something similar that gputool not loading on boot.

    Just add this line before start 1 in startup.sh

    sleep 50 && /opt/pimp/gputool --config /root/gpu-config.json


  • Staff

    The solution was to increase the sleep time to 50 in startup.sh. Thank you very much chowhan!

    However, to capture some troubleshooting glory, here is some excerpt from the pimp discord to help pimps troubleshooting startup issues!

    Can you run: /root/startup.sh and does it run gputool properly? Manually run it now and see. We'll have to suffer and wait through those sleep delays.

    the next thing to check is nano /etc/crontab
    Line 49 should read @reboot root /root/startup.sh
    Or, at least, that line should be in the file. Is it?

    Lets try something else. In startup.sh add the line: cat /proc/uptime >> /root/testing.log
    Then reboot, and see if that file is there and contains the timestamp of running it in uptime in seconds after the boot
    Put it anywhere but not before the #!/bin/bash part. that should always be at the top the #! stuff is for linux scripts to know how to run (It's called the SHABANG! which i love)

    Was the file created?
    The idea was, on boot time, the current system uptime was appended to the end of the text file /root/testing.log.
    To check it: type: cat /root/testing.log
    So the startup.sh file was executed about 7 and a half seconds after boot.

    You can now do another test.
    rm /root/testing.log to clear it.
    Then: move the cat /proc/uptime >> /root/testing.log line to after the first sleep blabla and gputool blabla line
    Then reboot. and you should see the time that the sleep and gputool command completes

    make sure its /opt/pimp/gputool not just gputool


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