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[Solved]Is it possible to create a bootable DVD to use to install pimp-2.5-all?

  • Hi
    I have previously created and installed a bootable DVD to install pimp 2.2.rc5 NVIDIA back in September 17.

    I just bought a new key and downloaded the zip for pimp-2.5-all but cant find instructions anywhere for how to cretae from that download a bootable DVD.

    Grateful for any pointers.

    Thanks, John

    p.s. if I missed anything in the forum then its not that I've not looked: I searched on "DVD" and "CD" and drew a blank ...
    p.p.s I have tried with
    dd if=releases/pimp-2.5-all.img of=/dev/sdb bs=16M
    954+1 records in
    954+1 records out
    16013942784 bytes (16 GB, 15 GiB) copied, 316.173 s, 50.6 MB/s

  • Staff

    No. You cannot UEFI boot off a DVD i dont think. This method is not supported. You could instead follow any of the multiple guides to properly install pimp to your SSD: use a liveUSB stick instead of a DVD seems like the no-brainer here. For more details look in the Getting Started section of this forum.

  • thanks @melt - yes I have followed the multiple guides to properly install pimp to your SSD - for what I am doing DVD makes my life a bit simpler.
    Thanks for taking the time


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