boot on Xencenter's VM

  • I loaded the img file into a virtual disk and stated my VM, but nothing happens and the VM stops.
    I don't understand what happens

  • hello aymeric.muntz

    as far as i know it really needs to be on a physical disk my friend

  • ouch, this is not possible in my situation

  • Does it mean that there is no solution for me and I bought pimp for nothing?

  • Staff

    PiMP is designed to be run on local hardware by writing it to SSD. Nobody ever indicated running PiMP on a VM was useful, accepted, or supported. It is not.

  • This is usefull as this is the only way I can use my grid K2 card. It allows me to get free electricity, and thus, this is more than usefull.
    I don't really understand any reason why it wouldn't work on a VM. Every OS works on a VM. I don't know any limitation concerning an other OS.
    Is it based on a linux kernel? I have no issue running Linux on VMs

  • Staff

    Mining OS It's based on what is required by mining, the way the OS is constructed, the graphics drivers and libraries, etc. Datacenter version of that is not made for mining perhaps. But this is not the purpose of PIMP and thus it is unsupported.

  • No experience with Xenserver, but KVM will run PIMP just fine. The bios needs to be seaBIOS, your .img type raw, and it's bus SATA. OVMF would never boot, I'm guessing because of UEFI. Perhaps you can change these from Xencenter?

  • GPU passthrough on Xen, unraid, and the like is pretty common. I haven't gone to the trouble to get it working myself, but in theory everything should be there to make it work.

    But, as stated by the illustrious melt (and others), pimp wasn't intended to run like that: the pimpOS distro is packaged and meant to slap down onto dedicated hardware.

    The question to you is; do you accept the challenge? :)

  • No one said: "should not work." They said that "it should work in the tasks for which it was created." Everything else - your knowledge, skills and experience. If you managed to start, please share with others.


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