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Is the license tied to a motherboard

  • hi!

    can i switch the motherboard and gpus /rig without having a license issue?
    During test we switch one hdd between multipli rigs. having a couple of issues we got this question. pimkey says still that the license is fine.

  • Hello @wesrig.
    One key for one rig. This only works so.
    If you have many rigs, you may be interested in this section: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/64/large-farm-guide-how-to-manage-many-rigs-using-pimp-and-miner-farm/1

  • one key for one rig absolute clear and ok.

    The still open question is if one hdd/ssd can be used at different rigs (NOT at the same time):
    We have one licensed hdd which we connect to each rig to check if it works. Also we run some rigs with ethos, we want to verify if we can get higher result using ethos, also for this purpose we use our test-hdd.

    So that key is always at one rig at the same time, but the rig itself(motherboard, gpus) switches a couple times during the test phase.

  • Staff

    Hello wesrig, That should be okay.

  • The hard drive on my first rig (with Pimp installed) has become unusable so I have purchased a new SSD and am writing the Pimp image to it. Will I be able to use my current License Key? Or do I have to transfer it somehow from my old rig to my new one?

  • Staff

    Yes just overwrite and validate. The key can be used on 1 rig at a time.

  • My Motherboard is dead, i have to change to another one, will it be a problem for pimp? Or can i reset PiMP on my harddisk for change Rig-config? If i have to replace GPUs...

  • There is no limitation to where your pimp license is used. The validation allows you to change hardware things with an hour delay, so if you swap a hard driver or mobo, wait one hour before you validate the license with the new HD or whatever.


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