after 20 hours miner will crush on 7 gpu

  • miner claymore will stop after 17 or 20 hours
    everything works perfect with excellent hashrate on stock clocks after 17 hours 5 gpu will hang together
    i tried on windows it working perfect for days with no crash

  • Support

    Hello Techno,

    Sorry to hear this - Could you provide more info re are you using Claymore Dual miner or Claymore zCash miner (as each miner uses different versions).

    Also, a new pimpup for the Claymore miner was released today, might be worth updating via “pimpup” and re testing to see if the problem persists.

    Also, might be worth re-seating the riser cards for all gpu’s and motherboard pcie/pci slots in case their has been some movement. This is always the first thing I do re troubleshooting.

    Please do keep us updated re this.


  • i will update it and see
    claymore zcash miner

  • miners crashing after a period of time on my setup usually have to do with bad power cables. my risers come with sata to 6-pin and those connections have burned out after miners running for days and weeks. sometimes they aren't even clicked together 100%. i would check there first.

    I have a neat trick for testing power inconsistencies. I use to also control my fans, and with the miner stopped (so you don't create heat) use the command to set the fans to speed 2 which stops the fan. A badly powered riser wont change the fan speed so look for one still running.


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