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Hash rates fluctuate after installing AMD 2.3.30

  • Hello pimps! I wanted to reach out to the community about the hash rate fluctuating on AMD 2.3.30.

    I have been using and testing 2.3.30 for some time now as I am part of the beta testing group and have noticed this issue. After installing and setting up the new image and getting everything dialed in to mine I noticed the hash rates on my rigs were bouncing around. Going up and down repeatedly. Fortunately, it would appear so far that the averages are very close to where I would expect them to be and the results from the pools that I mine are also within an acceptable range. So far I have not found a solution to this or been able to test whether it matters. Part of this recent update in the PiMP software has allowed more processing power to the cards. This results in a boost followed by the card hash rate / power seeming to go down or drop and then boosting back up.

    It has been suggested to reduce the clocks on the cards and see if that levels it out. However, I know most of you like me want to shoot for maximizing results and keeping our rates where we are used to seeing them. So if anyone finds more information regarding this issue please add to this post so we can collectively test the differences between running at the boosted rates with fluctuations and without.

    FYI...I have noticed this while using sgminer to mine XMR and Claymore while mining ETH.

    If you are seeing too many alerts for this while using miner.farm (and don't want to see this) simply adjust your alert profile by lowering the alert parameter for hashrate down and the alert will go away.

    Overall my results with AMD 2.3.30 have been greatly improved from previous versions and the update seems to be a massive overall improvement considering the recent issues we have all been experiencing regarding not having the BETA driver for Linux. So big hats off to the dev team here for making this happen!!

    Happy mining!

  • The same on my rig too. i already reduce clock & mem but hashrate & power dance still continue. XFX 580 8GB XXX Edition. so back for 2.1-rc3 for now.

    UPD. also test new 2.3.30 on 3 other rigs with the same cards, bios, mod bios - get the same result - hash and power CRAZY DANCE.
    Any ideas ?

  • I noticed this on one of my two AMD rigs as well. It's very strange, because I have (2) identical rigs, down to the board, CPU, RAM, SSD & GPU's, and one is pretty stable, the other is doing the dance like crazy. I still have not figured out what is causing it. I would expect them both to act the same, but they don't for some reason. Already made sure the cards were all on the same BIOS version, mobo BIOS is on same revision, settings in bios and in pimp are matched line by line. Very interesting differentiation between the two.

  • my amd's hashrates are cut in half

  • Staff

    We are investigating this issue, and appreciate any data you can report about it. You can track the progress of this issue here: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/152713907

    Thank you for your support!

  • hi everyone

    actually i see a coreleation between somthing that has changed since last update
    and this massive hashrate swings from 22 to 8 in a few seconds

    is there a reason while every few seconds amdmeminfo opdens and closes?
    it uses like 50% cpu and the hashrate drops at the same time as this process starts, after it closes hashrate seems to be back up
    really appreciate any input on how to stop this process from restarting the whole time
    woud make sense that this is the reason as before the update that behaviour didnt exist

  • 50% ? my amdmeminfo use up to 95%CPU and restarts very often! it happen after last pimpup.
    Each 5 secs i got diffrent hash - for example from 7Mh to 27 Mh per card.


    Also one strange situation: from time to time amdmeminfo give empty output for some GPUs - https://yadi.sk/i/9_KfU9Hb3Pbksb

    feature request: downgrade capabilities for pimpup - can you add this feature ?

  • Same issue here. Amdmeminfo being the culprit, i have renamed the /opt/pimp/amdmeminfo directory to /opt/pimp/amdmeminfo.old/ and now everything works fine. I don't know what is this tool used for but i'm running claymore's zec miner so i don't think i need it.

  • YES, confirm, renaiming directory i.e. disabling amdmeminfo WORKS. hashrate now stable

  • Thanks for posting possible work-around.

    I am happy to report that the latest pimpup v20171111 fixes this issue on AMD 2.3.30. I am getting the most solid hashrates I have seen in a long time.

    *** SPECIAL thanks to Lily for working this issue out and getting it in this latest pimpup!!!

    If anyone is still seeing issues after doing a pimpup, then try to pimpup again using (pimpup --force) and rebooting after. Check to see you are using the latest version with the command (pimp -v). Finally I would suggest a fresh pimp image and doing a pimpup out of the gates if the previous methods are not working for you.

    We are always here to help beyond that so pimpup and happy mining!!!!

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