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multiple gpu hang on stock clocks

  • will work fine for few hours then suddnely multiple gpu hangs on
    RX 580 4gb
    rx 580 4gb
    power color 8gb
    micron , hynix memory

    11 GPU cards

    Asus b250 mining expert motherboard

    2 psu
    Corsiar AX1200i
    corsair AX1200

    16gb DDR4 Ram

  • mining zcash by claymore miner

  • Staff

    Check all the power. Check all the parts. Check the temps. Monitor it close over time and see what its like (temps, power draw, etc) every 15 minutes or so.

    When things work fine, and suddenly stop, hardware issues are normally the culprit. Software typical does not have 'random' errors like this. Hardware does.

  • how many gpu recommended for stable rig

  • Staff

    The advice from the biggest farms was 6, many are now saying 12. But, stable rigs are not about the card count, but about keeping the specifications in mind for all the subsystems.

    The power supply is a subsystem. It should be rated at least 20% higher then required. Many would suggest it be rated 40% higher.

    The cables that deliver power is another. The choice of cables should match the load being applied. Read the specifications for SATA, MOLEX, etc. Manage splitters, power runs, and such based on specifications. Buy a DC Clamp on AMP meter, and clamp it over the yellow wires on power feeds to be sure they are doing what you expect. Make no assumptions about power, test and validate it.

    The risers are another factor. Make sure they are of good quality, that the male and female parts are well cleaned and free of oil, dirt, and oxidation. Again, manage the power requirements, research and understand what each part is capable of, and how much each part is drawing.

    Also understand types of faults. Software typically works... or doesn't. You fix things once with configs, setups, etc. And if no changes are made, that software config will keep on running. Its Digital. On or Off, True or False. It works or it doesn't. Hardware on the other hand, has Analog parts, and those can fail in an infinite number of ways.

    If something works for awhile, then stops... and starts working again when you reset the power, only to repeat this cycle. Most likely you have an issue in the power system. Could be on a GPU, on the MB, in the Power Supply. For example, a common issue is with Capacitors that are designed to filter power so clocks can stay accurate. As they heat up, they might pressure up higher than seals allow, and suddenly stop working. And this is only one of many issues related to temp that could occur.

    Lets do some just rough math on yer numbers. First, we look up the specs for an AMD RX580 say it can draw around 225 watts:

    alt text

    reference URL http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-radeon-rx-580-review,5020-6.html

    Now, we figure out what 11 of those might draw. Of course, mining is torture... so we go with MAX @ 225 each = 2475 watts for GPU alone.

    Your motherboard, CPU, and memory will need another 100~150 watts minimum, perhaps more depending on what you are using. And since you have 11 cards, you have one power supply with 6 and another with 5. So.. I am sure you see the problem already. The build is not covering the specification for the cards. You are maxing it out, running it over the limits of its ratings.

    So, stability is not a factor of how many GPUs, but the quality of the build and the attention to the specifications for each and every part in the mix.

  • thanks alot
    i am removing each time a card to know wheres the problem is it in card number or one of the cards making the whole problem

    THanks alot i like pimp the hash rate now always the maxium i am getting

  • Staff

    Wait till you see what it will do when you start tuning it :) Good luck my friend!


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