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PiMP 2.5 won't automatically run "sleep 20 && /opt/pimp/gputool --config" in startup.sh

  • PiMP 2.5 won't automatically run "sleep 20 && /opt/pimp/gputool --config" in startup.sh
    I have to manually run "gputool --config" to get that going after PiMP agent has started.

    You can see why - below - running "gputool --config" is now waiting for input instead of automatically proceeding.

    [/root]:# /opt/pimp/gputool --config
    PIMP GPU Tool v20180220
    GPUs type: AMD
    NOTE: At least one miner appears to be running.
    Are you SURE you want to change values?
    Not all changes may be applied. y/N

    I am guessing something changed in the new version 2.5

    and a related question is why does gputool think that a miner is running before PiMP even started in the startup.sh sequence?

  • something for sure has changed in 2.5 and Gputool and its not working well.

  • with 2.5 I can only use gputool once between reboots. That is a problem.

  • Staff


    For most people, simply changing the delay period before trying to run gputool is enough.

    In /root/startup.sh, find the line that runs gputool, and change the sleep time from 20, to say 30, or 60..

    Some systems need longer for the everything to settle, services to start, GPUs to identify, drivers to settle. It all depends on the type of MB, memory, GPU, disk drive, etc. Which is why the sleep is adjustable. Simply make it longer, and it should be fine.

    As for the problem of only being able to run it once... please clarify that.


  • Staff

    GPUTool has always stopped and waited for input when a miner is running. This has not changed.

    If you REALLY want to apply gputool values when the miner is running, and do not want to stop at the question, use '--quiet'.

    'gputool --config --quiet'

    This will skip the running miner question. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT GPUTOOL CANNOT ALWAYS APPLY VALUES IF THE MINER IS RUNNING. That is the reason the question normally stops there. IF you use 'quiet' and your values are not applied that is why.


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