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How to mine ERGO the fastest and easiest way with PiMP

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    scroll down to view pools and miners which are supported by ERGO



    How to mine ERGO the fastest and easiest way using PiMP OS

    1. setup a wallet and get address

    Install whatever wallet, Mobile, Full Node, or Yoroi
    I recommend using not your main browser. I use Chrome for my personal things, so I used the Firefox wallet. Just extra security.

    Go through the wallet and definitely write down your seed phrase words. When it is done setting up the wallet, then click Receive and copy your receiving address for your ERGO wallet to your clipboard. We will paste it later in the .pcfg file to tell your pool to send the payouts to your wallet.

    should look something like this:

    1. go to a pool and get the pool settings and supported miners

    We love flypool/ethermine, so we will use that example

    stratum-ergo.flypool.org:3443 for ssl

    note: its :3333 for regular stratum://

    Password Leave empty or enter your custom share difficulty. The default minimum difficulty is 4 GH (4000000000).

    1. add a miner profile which supports ergo

    depends on your hardware, here are the recommendations:

    lolMiner - amd/nvidia

    3401 (amd/nvi) lolminer: multialgo (beam/btcz/btcp) [lolminer.mix.pcfg]
    3402 (amd) lolminer: multialgo (beam/btcz/btcp) [lolminer.amd.pcfg]
    3403 (nvi) lolminer: multialgo (beam/btcz/btcp) [lolminer.nvi.pcfg]

    NBMiner - nvidia

    2901 (amd/nvi) nbminer: ethash/bytom/grin/swap [nbminer.mix.pcfg]
    2902 (amd) nbminer: ethash/bytom/grin/swap [nbminer.amd.pcfg]
    2903 (nvi) nbminer: ethash/bytom/grin/swap [nbminer.nvi.pcfg]

    TeamRedMiner - amd

    1201 (amd) teamredminer: cryptonights/phi2/lyra2z [teamredminer.pcfg]

    for me i have nvidia and amd. i already have miners loaded to 1 and 2. i'm adding nbminer

    pimp --add 2901

    1. edit the pcfg configuration file to mine ergo to your pool

    pimp --edit 3

    use 1 if your miner is ID 1.


    You have to put # to ignore the lines from the sandbox/example and put your settings in. Here is what it looks like:


    1. start the miner in test mode so you can see it working

    pimp --test 3

    use 1 if your miner is ID 1.


    1. verify end to end

    if you using miner.farm you should see the new miner, pool, etc appear in the miner.farm ui.

    wait 10 mins watch temps and make sure shares being accepted.

    and always check the pool to make sure the worker is being seen.


    Worker should show there.


    once you have some hashrate going, you can change your payout settings and add email notifications based on your miner's address.

    happy mining!!! Love, your favorites, the PiMP mining family


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