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Miner ID 1 is not local, Remote agent socket failed errors.

  • With the demise of the Etherium mining phase @ ethermine.org, I decided I would try Zcash from 2miners.com. I went through and deleted the current configuration and switched to gminer mixed. It updated Minerfarm correctly, however the miner will not start, although the test did work. I have double and triple-checked my work, but I keep getting:
    "Remote socket agent failed. Sending start command via Remote Agent to miner [IP/Port]"
    and, if I try to debug, I get,
    "Minder ID 1 is not local."
    Can anyone please assist with recommendations? Big thanks in advance!!

  • Staff

    Hello radiah, thanks for your question. Thanks to you and the other miners that asked for help switching off ETH, we decided to have a quick and dirty guide for you.

    I recommend you follow this guide and mine ERGO instead of Zcash. It will be much better since Zcash is mined by mostly ASICs now.


    If you stil want help mining zcash, let us know what settings you're using and if possible please run the helpme command and share the URL at the end so we can see more details about your setup.


  • Hi!
    I changed over to ERG with the same result.
    Here is the helpme URL: https://helpme.getpimp.org/Miner1-1663263592.html
    I followed the steps in the guide you so kindly posted, but had the same issues.
    Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Staff

    That's good that you were able to get switched over. I'm thinking that you're getting some disconnect, lets try resetting the profile.

    Please try this:

    List out current miners:
    pimp --list

    Delete all of them:
    pimp --delete 1 and so forth.

    Readd nbminer mix:
    pimp --add 2901

    it should add as ID 1.

    Restart minerfarm agent:
    systemctl restart minerfarm

    launch miner in the foreground and observe:
    pimp --test 1

    Does this result in a different behavior?

    Also, what is the output of this command:

    minerfarm status

    should say: Last update: Success, and Last message: All Good!


  • When following your setup, everything works! :-D Now let me properly configure it for 2miners and see if it works. Thank you!! Thank you!!

  • Staff

    Wahooooo!!! Congratulations radiah, nice work :)

  • Well, I must be pretty dumb. It still won't mine. 2miners.com give the parameters for setup with nbminer, but they don't specify the algo. Do you happen to know which one I should use? The actual miner still refuses to run. I have to step out for a bit, but I will be back. May have to pick up where I left off tomorrow.

  • Staff

    What coin do you want to mine? It depends on the coin. Look for -a parameter if they offer examples. If you dont see one of these algos then nbminer doesn't mine that coin you would use a miner that supports the algo of the coin you want to mine. We can help with that if you tell us more.

    if you keep scrolling down in the pcfg file you can find the various options and plug them into the ALGO1= line near POOL1= and USER1= and PASS1=

    Here is what mine shows:

    72 # -a, --algo <algo> Algorithm to mining. Supported
    73 # algos:
    74 # * ethash, eth
    75 # * etchash, etc
    76 # * cuckarood
    77 # * cuckatoo, cuckatoo31
    78 # * cuckatoo32, grin32
    79 # * cuckoo_ae
    80 # * progpow_sero
    81 # * bfc
    82 # * kawpow
    83 # * beamv3, beam
    84 # * octopus, cfx

  • I was setting up for ERGO. For the other miners, they say autolykos2 or autolykos. I will look into this more.

    There is no such block at the base of my config file, only a list of commands that can be used with nbminer.

  • Staff

    yes some of them have coin names and they update that to point to the current algo of that coin... since some coins switch algos i'm guessing.

  • It was a tough fight, but I won. Happily mining ERG at 441 Mh/s! I used ergo as the algo, instead of what 2miners was recommending. Now everything is up and running. Thank you again for all your help!


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