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Stopping miners causes freeze and reboot.

  • G'day. I've had this issue for a while, and so far failed to find a cause or log entry to give me any insight into what's going wrong.

    Everytime I stop a miner, whether from terminal or minerfarm console, regardless of gputool settings, my rig will freeze and then attempt reboot. Generally it hangs on reboot and requires a manual "turn it off, and then on again", after which it boots fine.

    Other times, it boots to this -

    instead of automatically logging in.

    The only odd thing Ive noticed trying to debug is that gputool --list outputs a different number scheme for the GPUS -

    Though I'm not convinced this is a problem.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and might have some info on what logs to check, things to try or likely root cause?

    Just in case it is relevant, the only other issue I've had was similar to what was posted here - https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/260/pcie-bus-error-severity-corrected/3

    which has since been fixed without relapse.

    I have no problem running miners for over a week without pause, but as soon as I try to stop them it all goes wrong. This means I can't change miners or coins remotely, which would be convenient.



  • Staff

    Can you send us the output of 'helpme'?

  • I'll jump on Discord and link you guys now, cheers.

  • Update - I pretty much just ignored this and let my rig run for the last 10 days mining Komodo (KMD) without any problems. Today I decided to switch to HUSH, anticipating I'd have to reboot after another freeze, but my miner stopped without freezing the system so it might have fixed itself?
    I've made no changes and only just updating PiMP now, after stopping the miner. If the problem pops up again I'll come back and pass on more info, but looks like things are all good right now (sort of - minerfarm fails to recognise, but pool reports active hashing).

  • Staff

    Very good information! Thanks!


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