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pimp os 2.25.2 no network after initial boot

  • I am attempting to follow the videos for getting a network after initial boot but they differ from config for 2.25.2. I have assigned a static IP using #nano /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml and have assigned a known good IP address and cannot get a network connection. Ethernet port works with windows laptop. IP address good. gateway address good. DHCP off. Any hints?

  • Beta Team

    Hi there. Thanks for reaching out. I'm guessing it is a syntax error (spacing for example).
    Please look at this post I did the other day.. it may help for reference.
    Let us know if you still have no luck.. but maybe jump on the pimp discord channel for faster assistance. :)
    Thanks for your support.
    Happy mining!

  • Staff

    Without seeing your exact netcfg.yaml contents, I can only give suggestions...

    That said, one of the most common problems with the netplan system is that it is very strict in the layout/syntax.

    For example: No tabs. netplan has problems with the use of tabs, so all of your indentions must be done with spaces. On top of that, those indents must be with either 2 or 4 spaces - no more, no less. Crazy, I know, but that's how netplan works.

    Good luck. Let us know if you get it sorted out or run into any other problems. We're also on Discord, so feel free to hit us up there too.


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