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The biggest mining news of the year! PIMP-NVIDIA! All new miners! More stability! More hashrates! Better support tools! Newer, faster interfaces! by dbct | Mar 3, 2017

  • Staff

    Hey PiMPs! We’re bringing you what may be our best news yet: PiMP now officially supports Nvidia.
    Our development team has been hard at work to bring PiMP to the green side – after all, it shouldn’t matter what colours you wear: every miner deserves to be PiMPed out!

    PiMP 2.0 Nvidia is now fully integrated with miner.farm, along with a slew of other features, including:
    A free, base subscription to miner.farm,
    The latest drivers,
    Regular updates via the “pimpup” command,
    Stable and reliable OS,
    24/7 support in our IRC channel, #PiMP
    User guide,
    Tested miners,
    And more!
    A special thanks to Epsylon3 of ccminer fame for helping us troubleshoot and integrate his miner into the PiMP OS.
    We’ve got bugfixes galore! The desktop GUI problems have been eliminated, thanks to our development team and our contributor, Snipa, who runs xmrpool.net.
    We’ve also just released the RC 16 version of 1.9 for fglrx, and 2.0 for amdgpu

    UPDATE NEWS!!!!!!!

    Its here and we have a major update / bugfix (please run your pimpup in terminal)
    PIMP version 2.0 does not have a desktop GUI memory leak problem any more thanks to our dev team and our contributor snipa from xmrpool.net
    Today we also released the RC 16 version of the 1.9 fglrx and the 2.0 amdgpu-pro these versions have all the updates and fixes in them , you can also get them by using our update tool called pimpup.
    Switching from a non-api miner to a api miner works now in minerfarm agent.
    For the latest user guide look no further just click the link https://getpimp.org/guide2/
    To see what was changed and what upgrades/updates where made please check out the links.
    For the 2.0: https://getpimp.org/shop/pimp
    For the 1.9: https://getpimp.org/shop/pimp
    For the 2.0 Nvidia version: https://getpimp.org/shop/pimp


    Today we also released an update to our miner.farm the biggest update is that we are now able to give you hashrates from no api miners like claymore and uptiminer.
    This update is also in the pimpup and our latest download release.


    As development gets bigger and there will be a price increase current pimp price till 31 march 2017 will be 25 dollar after 31 march 2017 this will be 30 dollar.


    The new way of viewing our helpme tool is totally revamped to make it a clear view.
    This is one of our frontline tools to best help you get your miner info and showing you and us here the problem is so you or with a bit of our help kan fix it


    As the year is just 2 months old these 2 months have been major for pimp and we hope that our updates and fixes work well for everyone.
    If you find anything out of place or not working please let us know, we at pimp try to make mining accessible for everyone again.
    We from pimp are always looking for bloggers,vloggers and youtubers if you seen our product and want to write a blogg or make a youtube please contact us via mail (info@getpimp.org or dbct@getpimp.org ) or come to our irc channel.

    Community/Testing/Support Manager
    mail: dbct@getpimp.org
    irc: dbct


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