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AMD FAN Control while using Claymore

  • Staff

    Many users have discussed issues controlling fanspeeds while using the Claymore miners.

    Please check the miner profile you are using, and read the comments just before the FLAGS statement.

    Here is an example:

     80 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------
     82 # Here is where you can add command line parameters such as intensity and mining modes.
     83 # NOTE: the pool/wallet/algo settings are set by PIMP. Set those above.
     84 # Default is for temp target 75C and temp stop 90C.
     85 # IF YOU WANT TO MANAGE FANS WITH gputool YOU MUST REMOVE -tt 75 -tstop 90
     86 #  Reason: Claymore will override gputool. But we didn't want to lose the failsafe defaults.
     88 FLAGS=-allpools 1 -tt 75 -tstop 90 -dbg -1

    You have a choice with claymore, allow it to control temps... Or use gputool. If you wish to use gputool, you must remove all fan controls from the FLAGS.

    Recent releases of Claymore also seem to still take control of fans on occasion. If you find your fans are not set properly, simply rerun 'gputool --config' and say yes.

    You can also manually control the fans using the AMD driver. Some users have pointed to this tool as well:


    In my own testing, this tool only sorta kinda works sometimes :) And a word of caution when using mixed rigs, as it simply assumes all cards are AMD. I will be forking it sometime soon and fixing it for PiMP users.

    So in short, just rerun 'gputool --config' if your AMD fan control seems lost... do it while your miners are running, and everything should return to normal quickly.

    We are exploring other solutions and will post here as we come up with a better plan.


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