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Pimpup Efficiency

  • Just did a pimpup --auto, probably the first time using it after getting annoyed with entering the numbers for each miner. However, doesn't seem like it is very efficient. Is it really necessary to clone and build for every configuration of the miner you have setup? Why not clone and build once, and copy objects to all?


  • Staff

    Pimpup has multiple command line options.

    [/root]:# pimpup --help
    PIMP Updater version v20180215
    pimpup      = Interactive PIMP software and miner update app
    The following flags can be used, but NOT combined:
    --auto      = Non-interactively updates PIMP software if needed,
                  and updates miners that have been added to the agent
    --help      = This message
    --force     = Forces all PIMP software to update if already current
    --version   = Displays version number

    For example, pimpup --auto would automagically update all the miners you currently have configured.

  • yea, thats why I ran it, but I have sgminer configured 8 times, so does it really need to clone and build it 8 times?

  • Also, having an [A]ll option on the "Please choose a miner from the list to install or update" would be nice.

  • Staff

    We are working on updates across the board. This version uses a modular approach based on a profile being a combination of miner, pool, and wallet. So we consider it a bundle from the profile level, not the miner level. Thus it can install repeatedly if you have the same profile deployed multiple times on a single rig. That is an edge use case that we should have anticipated, but it rarely seen. We are taking notes though from your suggestions, as well as others, for updates as we all evolve the tools together into easier and better mining for everyone. Thank you for the suggestions and please keep them coming!

  • Thanks! Look forward to seeing how pimp evolves.


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