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AMD RX 480 hashrate with ETHMiner not changing?

  • Hello,

    Currently, I have just 1 RX480 testing out Pimp OS. I have 6 - RX580 coming from Amazon.
    I have used Linux before but never in a mining rig. Actually going to be the first mining rig.

    Using the gputool --config, after I edit the .jason file with my newer clock and memory, speeds 1375/2000 the hashrate doesn't change at all in the ethminer from when clocks are at defaults?

    I see the new clocks change but do not understand why hash is the same.

    If you'all could just point me in the correct direction to solve this problem, tht would be much appreciated.


  • Hash rate 21.85 Mh.

  • Staff

    Hi perkster, thanks for posting your question.

    When you run gputool --config it runs the commands and sets the values. It's a one-off thing. But when you start up a miner, if it decided to change those clocks or fans or other settings, it can do so, and gputool doesn't know anything about it. Therefore you have to be careful about where you're setting values. Generally it's: the miner's .pcfg in the FLAGS= section, gputool, editing the BIOS, or another tool. It's likely that ethminer is overriding your settings.

    Note on ethminer: ethminer has a lot of command line options but it requires quite a bit of tuning to get right and stable. I recommend you remove ethminer and try using phoenixminer or teamredminer, as they are getting more useful updates and features these days.

    That being said, if you remove the -tt and the -tmax from FLAGS in phoenixminer for example it should stay at the gputool values. Or you could use phoenixminer to manage those things for you, by settings the clocks according to phoenxminer's documentation (Doc was kind enough to include the --help output from the last build lower down in the .pcfg but you can also do command like /opt/miners/phoenixminer/phoenixminer --help to see this info.

    pimp --add 3501 gets you in the phoenixminer business. RX480/580 are top notch mining cards you should be able to mine some things. At least you should be mining ETH for just a little while longer if the cards are 8GB.

    Hope this helps, you can also talk to us in the discord, there's other tips and stuff in there too.
    https://discord.me/pimp for details.

    And of course we sure appreciate you supporting PIMP / Miner.farm family, we are one of the first crypto community, est in 2012 :)

  • @melt said in AMD RX 480 hashrate with ETHMiner not changing?:


    Yes I will setup phoenixminer and give it a go. Should I do a reset on my card?

  • Staff

    if you're sure the ethminer is stopped and the card is responding rationally to gputool --status and gputool --config should be fine. On the other hand a fresh reboot can't ever hurt when it comes to amd


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