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Inaccurate mem clock readings?

  • I have several EVGA 1080 sc cards. The specs on them say the mem clock runs at just over 10000mhz. I have a +900 offset on my mem clocks and my pimp farm says the card is running at 4959mhz. Being ddr memory you double that number to get find your clock speed. So that puts that gpu at a 9819mhz memory speed. Is it strange that even after adding 900mhz im still below stock speed? Im afraid to play with the clocks too much incase i end up damaging a gpu. Also if that reading is off are the core clock, power limit, temp limit settings also inaccurate?

  • Staff

    Under Linux, the 1080 will stay in a Pstate of P2, which is a fair margin below stock values. This is intentional by Nvidia to insure compute modes stay accurate. After all, any glitch with a game will just be a blip on the screen, but a glitch in a series of calculations will be a cascading problem in the results. So engaging the higher Pstates never really happens when mining under Linux.

    As there is no chance your GPU will end up in the higher Pstates, you can safely offset to compensate. You would not use offsets like this if there was a chance you could get into P0, so do not use the same values on a dual purpose rig running windows that might also be a gaming box.

    I normally also force the power limits down a bit when I overclock, stability is better. Here are some examples for a pair of 1070 cards:

    GPU 0: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070, Temp: 72C, Fan: 100%, Core Clock: 1936 Mhz (200 Offset), Memory Clock: 4608 Mhz (1606 Offset), Performance state: 2, Power Usage: 152.1W (154W Max)
    GPU 1: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070, Temp: 62C, Fan: 95%, Core Clock: 1885 Mhz (150 Offset), Memory Clock: 4452 Mhz (1300 Offset), Performance state: 2, Power Usage: 150.5W (150W Max)

    The idea is pretty simple, once you know the upper limit of the card maxed out (IE in P0 with a wee bit of boost), just set the offset to increase the stock value for P2 up to where you know it would have been at max. Expect some variation in the numbers per card as well. In the above example, they are differing vendor cards and one can get 510 sol/s, the other about 500. Each is setup a little different, but they are both stable and doing about 10% better.

    So the clock readings you see are not off for the Pstate the cards are in.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for the info! I have my mem clock boosted to an 'actual' overclock now and my hashrate is jumped quite a bit.

    You rock Anjin! Thanks :)


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