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    This only applies to rigs that are not verified with key.

    PiMP requires networking in order to validate the PiMP key. If PiMP cannot get a network connection in the unverified mode, you will be given what is called the Rescue Shell. This is a special environment designed to do one thing: get you on the network so you can verify.

    Default networking behavior is DHCP

    PiMP will pull an address from the router using DHCP by default. It is recommended to have a wired ethernet connection for the best mining performance. Wireless support exists, you will have to read up on how to configure it. Also, we have added some example content in the /etc/network/interfaces file to help those users who would like to set their own static IP, etc.

    What tools are offered in Rescue Shell?

    • First, it will allow you to edit /etc/network/inferfaces directly.
    • Beyond that, some other work may be needed to get networking up. You are given a printout of all pertinent information about the network and network hardware, and a shell to go in and fix it. (Wireless users: this is where iw and iwconfig come into play.)

    Cannot get a network IP on the first boot?

    Try this:

    1. Disconnect the network cable from the rig.
    2. Boot
    3. When it says "Do you want to edit interfaces?" say Yes.
    4. Remove the # from the dns-nameservers
    5. Control-X, Yes, [Enter] to save your changes.
    6. reboot (There is no rb command in Rescue Shell)
    7. should get an ip


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