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Claymore 11.0 ETH only vs EthOS Claymore 11.0 ETH only

  • Hi Pimp Support.

    I'm really new to Pimp, so be easy. :)

    I've been running Ethos, and looking to switch across, what I noticed yesterday with my Asrock BTC+ (12 x Asus RX570 4GB mining cards + 1 x Sapphire RX580 8GB, all with Samsung memory), if I use the same clock, core and power settings as I use in Ethos, I'm approx. 20MH/s down in hashrate on the whole rig. Anyone with experience that can point me in the best direction to look for a solution?

    I also do not have a GUI, or RDP desktop available, it has a PCIE header error, I can only access it via SSH. I have posted this info in an RDP thread on this forum.


    Many thanks

  • Staff

    Where are you setting the clock, core, and power settings? Sometimes Claymore can mess with gputool.

    As for the other, can you provide your 'helpme' output as well?

  • @Anjin, I am only setting the clock, core and power in the gputool config file. I used the same settings as I did in Ethos.

    I will need to put the SSD back in and do the "helpme", but the same SSD in an Nvidia only rig works fine, except I noticed that the hashrate per card using ethminer is also approx. 1MH/s per card lower than in ethos with the same overclock settings. So...clearly I must be doing something wrong.


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