the speedroll test v1.0

  • The speedroll.

    Basically the speedroll test is the final test for PiMP OS's.
    This test is in place for us to make sure all default miners and functions work.
    Please be careful and do not forget about the correct settings of the motherboard

    1. Put image on your sdd or hdd and boot pimp beta.
    2. Try a login over ssh.
    3. if possible logon via a monitor on your local rig.
    4. Make sure the key validates and pimp reboots and run newpimp.
    5. Make sure all the default functions work ( add, edit, start ,test ,debug , stop).
    6. Make sure all tools work ( pimpup, gputool, a login over ssh , a login over RDP , if possible logon via a monitor on your local rig).
    7. Run the miners run every miner with pimp --debug for a minute or 2 and carefully look at the presence of errors.

    You're done with the speedroll. thanks for participating, your findings if you found something wrong can be given as feedback in the channel (to have better results in bringing the information across it’s always a good move to include a helpme and a screenshot or one of the paste bin solutions like pastebin or showme).

    Thanks for testing and making sure pimp runs as a well oiled machine.


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