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Pimp doesn’t boot on Biostar TB250 BTC Pro

  • Of course I’ll take some bios pictures tonight a do a write up tonight. By far PiMP is the best mining software I have used and the support makes it even better!

  • Staff

    Wow thanks! We are proud to help you earn a nice income as a miner and be one of the pioneers of the future of money. And I hope we can quote you on the getpimp.org website reviews section, leighton! :)

  • @leighton-bingham Thanks! I've swapped the risers out, didn't help. what helped was swapping out the motherboard for an Asrock H110 Pro BTC+

    Works perfectly with the Asrock MB. But when I put in my new Asus B250 Mining Expert, back to problems again. Any card connected to the Pci-16x on the Asus B250 gets about 1/2 the hash rate as when the same card and riser is in a Pci-1x slot!

    I'm not having any luck except with the Asrock mobo :-( .

  • After contacting Biostar regarding this problem their response was:

    "Dear Customer,

    We would recommend using windows or ethOS for mining OS, please try to disable CSM support in BIOS if you can not display through overclocked GPU. Thank you.

    2017-11-01 10:19:47"

  • Staff

    Yes, setting up the motherboard is a prerequisite for all of the OS and also for PiMP. Also, can you reply to them and tell them about PiMP? They may not know about our awesome product and community somehow! (Even though we are the originals :) )

  • @hai So they don’t what the issue is? Lol
    can you boot of the internal display adapter? This is how I boot my system after every fresh install of PiMP. Without a doubt the biostar board is the best I have used. My Asrock caught fire and my msi just died on me lol.

  • Staff

    Oh no! Sorry to hear of that , fire is a bad word to miners. No, onboard GPU is not supported. TB250 is supported, there are many rigs running PiMP with it, hopefully someone can share some tips.

  • I'm running ethos the TB250 as per Biostar's suggestion and it's purring along with 10 GPUs 275MH/s. Gave up on Pimp after the response from Biostar

  • @hai here is my tb250 farm page. https://miner.farm/farmer/2652/farmstatus?node=4 If you are only getting 275MH/s you are missing out on $$$ lol

  • What cards u using?

  • Gtx 1070-5 EVGA SC and 5 gigabyte g1.

  • I'm using RX570. the 1070's are faster I think, my Asus GTX 1070 turbo does 27 MH/s stock, the Rx570's were doing 21MH/s stock, got them stable at 28MH/s. Considering the Rx570 is about 60% of the price of the 1070, I think it's better value for money

  • Sorry it must have been someone else I was chatting with that had 1070’s also.

  • Hi

    I carried out the procedure as it was described. I boot it from USB disk and here is the message i receive.
    0_1513087182579_Brez naslova.bmp

    Can somoene help, please.

    Thank you

  • Hello! PiMP is designed to work with SSD. USB stick does not fit.

  • Hi

    Thx for your answer.

    I do not use USB stick, but USB disk (if this is of any importance in this case).

    Are you sure that my problem is connected to wrong disk? I mean, I do not want to buy SSD and see that I have the same problem.

  • Another thing

    I saw someone asked if the licence is connected to one MB.

    I made bootable disk on one computer and then i took it to another. Do you think this could be a problem?

  • Staff

    The boot media is not correct. First, understand that tens of thousand users make this image just fine. A few have issues, and most times we find those issues are resolved by the user changing the procedure when burning the pimp boot media.

    Using your normal OS, with the PIMP media attached, run a disk testing tool to insure its a good drive. I use a bit reader to do a disk test. Look at tools like 'testdisk'.

    Make sure you sync and close all cache buffers to the pimp boot media. Windows does not like to allow the hot removal of internal SATA drives. Most of us will use a USB to SATA converter and attach an SSD to a host computer. Windows handles caching differently on drives intended for removal. This is dynamic in Windows, and you can configure it as needed. But I am not the guy to walk you through Windows removable media management. Google can help you though :)

    The boot failure though is telling you clearly 'This image is busted dude', so you need to change up how you are making that pimp imaged boot drive up. Can you give us a rundown from start to finish of what you are doing todo that?

  • Thx for the answer.

    I have made some bootable media and this is first time I am encountering problems. But I will google as you suggested and see if there is more ...

    I will chek the disk again.

    Anyway. Is SSD a must or can i use external portable disk with USB connection?

  • Staff

    When you create the media, you can use an external portable disk with a usb connection.


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