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Ethminer and reported hashing rates on Miner Farm (Unit Issue?).

  • Hello PiMP Team,

    I just noticed this, and you are probably already aware.
    Ethminer is showing Kh/s on the Miner Farm interface, but I think it should be MH/s.

    The graph seems off as well, but it might need to adjust after I switched algorithms.

    Could this be some kind of unit conversion issue? Or maybe the ethminer reporting is off somehow? I know it is a new addition to the family.....growing pains and all.

    Thanks for all you do.



  • Staff

    Opened a story to track this. Thank you for reporting the formatting issue. We will get it updated ASAP.

  • @anjin

    Isolated it to something in the /opt/minerfarm/minerfarm_svc perl script. Might want to look there first.

    [Agent: XXXXXX (Running) Total HR: [120.00Kh/s] Miners running [1] GPUs [AAAA]]
    [09:22 PM][Uptime: 0d 2:16][root@pimp2(]

    PiMP Prompt shows the same Kh/s (see above)


  • Staff

    Thanks, ill update the story with that... Many thanks

  • Beta Team

    I have just changed to ETHminer after big problems with Claymore-dual mining Ubiq.

    Can confirm that I se the same problem that 'malucas72' describe, Kh/s on the Miner Farm interface when it should be MH/s.
    When I SSH to the rigg and look at minerfarm it is also there faulty reported Kh/s and not MH/s.


  • Staff

    A fix has been made and should be in the next pimpup.

  • @lily

    Thank You.


  • Beta Team

    lily: I updated all ETHminer riggs to v20180314.
    Rebooted the riggs but still it reports in Kh/s and not MH/s.

    I also se a lot of "garbage" text scroling the screen when having minerfarm open. It say something like:

    "Use of uninitialized value $currentpool in concatenation (.) or string at (eval 2) line 1132."

    This text is scrolling all the time minerfarm is open.

    I did only do "pimpup", I did not upgrade ETHminer.

    I am maybe to fast, lily wrote about the fix 2018-03-16 and the latest update (writing this) is 2018-03-14. Looking forward to next update :)


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