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AMD RX560 problem report.

  • Staff

    It would seem AMD has decided to allow makers to sell two versions of the RX 560.

    One has 896 shaders, the other 1024. Those with just 896 shaders, report as BAFFIN devices and should be marketed as RX 560D models. But, you will find many vendors selling this as an RX 560. You can tell by looking at the output of 'lspci', this example is for the 'ASUS Strix RX 560 EVO OC'

    lspci | grep AMD
    05:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Baffin [Radeon RX 460/560D / Pro 450/455/460/560] (rev e5)

    This impacts us because the 400 series cards require special flags for clock handling. So the current version of gputool (PIMP GPU Tool v20180220) will not work with those cards with the defaults.

    After running config to create a default 'cpu-config.json', it will look like this:

    "gpu_id": "2",
    "AMDCoreClk": "1200",
    "AMDMemClk": "1800",
    "AMDPtune": "7",
    "gpu_type": "400",
    "AMDPLimit": "120",
    "fanspeed": "90",
    "temptarget": "70"

    For a 'BAFFIN' card, simply remove the gpu_type line, save it and run config.

    This only impacts setting the AMDMemClk value. But the difference tween defaults and setting it upwards is a pretty fair chunk of hash. I go from 300 to 365 XMR/Hs simply by changing the CoreClk to 1360 and the MemClk to 1950 on an ASUS Strix RX560 EVO OC model.

    Here is an example of my best result with standard clocks, for that ASUS Strix RX560...

    "gpu_id": "2",
    "AMDCoreClk": "1360",
    "AMDMemClk": "1950",
    "AMDPtune": "7",
    "AMDPLimit": "120",
    "fanspeed": "90",
    "temptarget": "60"

    My thanks to Lily and Johnny El Zein for helping me hunt down the details. And again, this is a problem with how AMD and its card makers choose to label and market the BAFFIN card. With only 896 shaders, its pretty much just an RX460 in RX560 clothing. It should be sold as an RX560D model, and not allowed to be sold as the RX560. This is not a bug with gputool, it is working as expected and designed.

    Good luck and happy hashing!



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