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How to expand the PiMP partition to use unallocated hard drive space

  • PiMP OS Video Presents:

    How to expand your disk partition in PiMP OS to use the full disk using gparted

    New method:
    growpart /dev/sda 1 then resize2fs /dev/sda1

    Youtube Video

    I installed PiMP via HDD Raw Copy in Windows 10 onto a 128GB SSD, and noticed later that the PiMP partition was only using about 16GB of the SSD.

    Here's how to expand the partition to use the remaining unallocated space.

    While connected via teamspeak or with physical access and monitor connected, run gksudo gparted in terminal to load up the GParted partition editor gui.

    Right click on the PiMP partition, and select "resize/move"


    Set the new size to the max imum value possible, so that free space afterwards equals zero, then click the resize button.


    Done - too easy. Be a little bit careful though, take backups if you're unsure. Making mistakes when modifying partitions has the potential to break the installation, but if you stick to the steps above you should be fine.

  • Support

    Many thanks indeed smk762 :)

  • Support

    In Pimp OS version 1.9.31, please fist install it via "apt-get install gparted" command, then to run it instead of using "gksudo gparted" command use "gparted" command instead to launch program.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Staff

    Edit: The resize2fs command does not work. Use gparted

  • Staff

    Note for 1.9.31:

    in 1.9, we did not have an EFI partition but we made a windows partition /dev/sda2 in addition to the pimp partition on /dev/sda1.
    This was done so you could find the disk with a drive letter.

    On 2.4 and above, we went to a EFI install where EFI boot partition was on /dev/sda1 and pimp was on /dev/sda2

    So be advised above on resizing, in 1.9 you would remove the WINIMAGING partition and extend the main one. WINIMAGING is not really needed.

  • Staff

    Updated original post to include another Doc Classic Video! Thanks Doc.

  • Staff

    New method - works on 2.8.6:

    growpart /dev/sda 1 then resize2fs /dev/sda1


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