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NiceHash and Nvidia 1070

  • Hi all,

    Im planing to switch to PIMP os, but before i do i have a few questions.

    • can i use NiceHash stratums for mining ?
    • can i use 12 cards per 1 righ with 12x Nvidia 1070 cards(anyone tested it) ?
    • any api i can use ?
    • can i control rpm of vents and can i overclock the cards from Nvidia ?
    • can i read all important things like GPU temp, rps, etcc?

    Thx a lot

  • Yes

    Yes, I've been told by users in support chat


    Can over clock all nvidia together or individually

    You can see live stats on most hardware including GPUs

  • Staff

    Yes, michalss: All of the things that you need for mining and monitoring rigs including 12x1070 is included in the latest pimp os, including nicehash example configs. Thanks!

  • Staff

    I just finished doing some overclocking work on just a pair of GTX1070 cards. Differing vendors, and differing build quality and memory vendors. But I have full control of fans and offset values with tools built into PiMP. In fact, the tools are exclusive to PiMP, and provide easy summaries of all the details I need for making good choices in card management.

    Here is an example of output from gputool, PiMP os exclusive gpu setup tool:

    GPU 0: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070, Temp: 72C, Fan: 95%, Core Clock: 1936 Mhz (200 Offset), Memory Clock: 4608 Mhz (1606 Offset), Performance state: 2, Power Usage: 148.1W (154W Max)
    GPU 1: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070, Temp: 62C, Fan: 95%, Core Clock: 1885 Mhz (150 Offset), Memory Clock: 4452 Mhz (1300 Offset), Performance state: 2, Power Usage: 148.8W (150W Max)

    0_1519708362711_Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 9.09.34 PM.png

    Yes, those are crazy clock settings, but it was easy to do some iterative testing to dial in those numbers to maximize the hash rate, without picking up rejects or crashing the miner.

    The data above is as provided by PiMP tools. As well, you can run pretty much any card from NVidia or AMD in the same rig (to the limits of your motherboard).



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