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DaX AMD Overclocking guide (including RX 470/480/570/580 and others)

  • Hey Pimps,

    I would like to show you some tips and tricks, how to clock GPU´s. You are able to change BIOS only on AMD GPU´s right now. NVIDIA has also this ability on some pieces, but it´s totaly unsupported and probably it could damage your GPU.

    So these trick´s will work only on AMD GPU´s!

    Before you start to change your BIOS version to different one, you need a few things. Most of you are using Windows as a Guest OS from which you are connecting to PIMP farm. So here are steps:

    #1 Prepare
    First and the most important you need is GPU type and memory vendor. This we will do via ATIFlash and ATITool. Both of them you will find in PIMP of course. You don´t need to install Windows or something. Everything is there.

    Second thing is working SSH connection to PIMP miner. This you can do via Putty or WinSCP from Windows. I am usually using putty, you can download it here.

    Last thing you need is program for transfering files to you PIMP farm. I am using Filezilla, because it´s really easy to use. You can find it here.

    #2 First action
    You need to login to your PIMP farm via Putty. After succesful login, you will be in /root folder.

    It will look like this:

    [03:03 PM][Uptime: 0d 2:33][root@pimp2(]

    Everything we will do there, because it´s easy for start. If you are advanced user, you can make folders with mk command or via midnight commander for storing files.

    Now we will start to show some info. Let type atiflash -i in console. Output will be like this:

    adapter bn dn dID asic flash romsize test bios p/n
    0 07 00 67DF Ellesmere W25X20 40000 pass 115-D009PI2-101
    1 08 00 67DF Ellesmere W25X20 40000 pass 115-D009PI2-101
    2 09 00 67DF Ellesmere M25P20/c 40000 pass 115-D009PI2-101
    3 0D 00 67DF Ellesmere W25X20 40000 pass 115-D009PI2-101
    4 0E 00 67DF Ellesmere W25X20 40000 pass 115-D009PI2-101

    Here you can see your GPU´s ID and basic info about your GPU.

    Now it´s time to backup you BIOS file. You will do that with ATIFlash command.

    Let´s type ATIFlash -s X <filename>backup.rom, where filename is name of your graphic card for example and X is number of GPU ID. This will look like:

    In this case, we saved BIOS from GPU ID 0
    [/root]:# atiflash -s 0 RX580backup.rom
    0x40000 bytes saved, checksum = 0x9FA3

    This means, your BIOS file was saved to RX580backup.rom file in actual folder /root. You can make ls command to show all files in this folder:

    [/root]:# ls

    #3 BIOS
    Now it´s time to show your BIOS info. Let´s type ATITool show <filename>.rom

    It will show you a lot of stuff, but the most important thing for us is VRAM section:

    Part num: H5GQ8H24MJ
    VendorID: Hynix
    Size (MB): 8192
    Density: 4M x 32
    Type: GDDR5

    This means that we have RX580 GPU with Hynix memory. Allright!

    Now it´s time to use Filezilla and transfer downloaded BIOS from PC to PIMP farm. (I will put here some BIOSes that´s work fine with more additional info.)

    Now open Filezilla, configure new place for PIMP farm, with SSH connection (same credentials as SSH) and connect to you PIMP farm. Locate your downloaded file from second pane and transfer file to PIMP. You file will be now in /root folder. You can do ls command again to check if it´s there.

    For example:

    [/root]:# ls

    #4 Flash
    Everything is prepared, we can flash your GPU and take it to a new dimension :)

    In command line type ATIFlash -p <adapter num> <filenameofnewbios>.rom, where adapter num is ID of your GPU which you want to flash and filenameofnewbios is file that we already transfered from PC to PIMP farm.

    For example:

    [/root]:# atiflash -p 0 RX580BIOS.rom

    After succesful command, your BIOS will be flashed and you need to restart your PIMP farm to load this BIOS. In some cases, flash program will not allow you to flash BIOS, because of version mismatch. In this cases you will need to use parameter -f to force flash BIOS. Attention! DON´T FLASH DIFFERENT MEMORY TYPES! You can flash Hynix over Hynix, Elpida over Elpida and Samsung over Samsung. Otherwise it can damage your GPU!

    Complete command will be then ATIFlash -f -p <adapter num> <filenameofnewbios>.rom

    #5 GPUTool
    After succesful reboot, you need to finetune your gpu-config.json with new valid parameters. For every GPU is value different, but I will put here BIOS versions with best memory clocks. Then you need to put these values to CoreClk and MemoryClk section of your gpu-config.json. After save, it´s better to reboot your rig again.

    #6 Testing
    Most important thing is to test all new values, to check power, check temperatures, check hashrates and hardware errors. If it´s something wrong, go by 50 steps down in your gpu-config.json file and test it again.

    Sometimes it depends on manufacturer and batch of GPU. Sometimes it will work nothing and you need to start over and over. In this cases is best way use only 1 GPU and if it will work, than add second, third etc. etc.

    Hope this basic quickstart will help you in overclocking AMD GPU´s.

    If you like this tutorial you can send a little donation to my newly born daughter wallet for studies :)

    ETH: 0xba74dbeb2e1b7C07a29c909B662d3056E3Bd820F


    Here are BIOS downloads:
    (last updated 20/2/2018)

    BIOS #1 (29MH/s ETH) Asus Dual RX580 Hynix memory
    You need to put 1100/2050 to your gpu-config.json
    download here

    BIOS #2 (13MH/s ETH) Asus ROG Strix RX560 Hynix memory
    You need to put 1200/1950 to your gpu-config.json
    download here

    BIOS #3 - (12MH/s ETH) Asus ROG Strix RX560 Micron memory
    You need to put 1200/1950 or 1100/1750 to your gpu-config.json
    download here

    BIOS #4 (29MH/s ETH) Sapphire RX470 Mining edition!
    You need to put 1206/2000 to your gpu-config.json
    download here

    BIOS #5 (29MH/s ETH) MSI RX580 Hynix/Samsung
    You need to put 1300/2100 to your gpu-config.json
    download here

    BIOS #6 (28MH/s ETH) MSI RX580 4GB! Elpida
    You need to put 1085/1950 to your gpu-config.json
    download here

  • Staff

    Note: Quoting the prior notes that led to the article. Thanks DaX!

    Thanks to DaX in the Forum and Discord chat for helping the pimps!
    Flash with pimp its faster!

    Always back up existing bios to rom file first

    Example for Asus RX580 Dual OC:

    ~30mh/s eth, but it depends on memory.
    samsung is best: I have 31-32MH on samsung, and with sapphire i can do 33! sapphire is best of the best.
    I just looked quick to farm with those Asuses and I have 1100/2050 clocks
    65W in miner.farm and 29MH And its hynix.
    69°C and fan at 60%... but in the room we have 5°C stable. everything below 75°C is fine.

  • Thanks so much DaX!

    After showing bios data, I got the message, "Detected unsupported data. Please report your results and GPU model so we can add it." Is this the appropriate location? For the GPU model, I have AMD Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 8GB - RX-580P8DFD6 - XFX that utilizes both Samsung and Hynix memory. How do I report the complete results?

  • @gmau Hi, you need to use force interpreter command. ATIFlash -f - p X filename.rom.

  • ty ty and ty...this is the last piece to my puzzle for tweaking thr rig....cant wait to get some free time and some more hash power :)

  • @thehusseyboy Good to know. Don' t forget to send a little tip to my daughter :)

  • @melt @DaX how are you all getting such hashrates? on a fresh install and with new cards i was getting 10-11Mh/s with my Sapphire RX470 8GB. with a new rom flashed and using 1206/2000 in the gpu-config.json i'm still only getting 18+Mh/s (as reported on miner.farm).

  • Do you have the bios download for rx570 Hynix

  • I am getting this error: 0F0L1

  • Please check : BIOS #6 (28MH/s ETH) MSI RX580 4GB! Elpida
    You need to put 1085/1950 to your gpu-config.json
    download here.
    it has killed 2 of my gpus

  • @donkor-bk Are you sure you have 4GB Elpida GPU? How it killed GPU?

  • @dax said in DaX AMD Overclocking guide (including RX 470/480/570/580 and others):


    What ROM/config for MSI RX480s? I know I can use the 580 BIOS, but not sure what values should be. . .I think ; )

    I have 4X (MSI RX480):

    Part num: K4G80325FB
    VendorID: Samsung
    Size (MB): 8192
    Density: 4M x 32
    Type: GDDR5

    And 1X (again, MSI RX480):

    Part num: H5GC4H24AJ
    VendorID: Hynix
    Size (MB): 4096
    Density: 4M x 32
    Type: GDDR5

    Thanks for any head's up!!



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