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Communication Tools: PiMP IRC

  • Update: Discord is preferred.

    IRC is still available as of pimp 2.15, but Discord is preferred. The joins/parts, bans, etc, in IRC are not visible in Discord, but chat messages are. So they might have left, if they don't answer your reply, they didn't wait in IRC to receive it.


    The Live Chat is the original Slack. It is like a text message party line. This is where we prefer to do all of our communications with each other and the public. We highly recommend the use of an IRC client like hexchat (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and/or AndChat (android) in order to use IRC with the most reliable and user-friendly connection. We chose IRC because it allows many people to ask, answer, and learn together. We have two kinds of channels for you to participate in:

    #PiMP channel

    There is a public #PiMP channel for discussion and support. Anyone using the livechat command on a PiMP rig (or the Live Chat icon on the PiMP GUI desktop) will be brought here. This is where you will interact with the other PiMPs. All team members are expected to be here and to greet and assist each other as well as any guests that come in the channel.

    People coming into chat directly from their PiMP rigs will get a +v (voice) and then the last 5 of their Agent name of the rig. This is the Agent name that is set in minerfarm [c]onfigure screen, and shown in the PiMP prompt.  Example of PiMP rig joining: This rig would show on the pimp farm as something ending in GB470s. That way you can see what their rig is doing on the farm while helping them.

    ---» PiMP-GB470s (~pimprig@123-131-133-187.pools.spcsdns.net) has Joined #PiMP

    When you are made ops in irc #PiMP main ch and someone comes not upholding the in channel rules ( example: no politics and no religion) give them a warning first. If this happens again you can use the command /kick [nick] [reason for kick].

    PIMP Private channels

    These private channels for the Support teams to help one another. You can suggest ideas and help each other with supporting the customers in the #PiMP main channel (we just call it “main” or “pub” (public channel)) This is also where the support team will help you do testing for the developers and manage the bug reports. Always discuss any bugs or problems here before going to #PiMP. When in doubt, ask the other testers how to proceed.


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