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02-14-18 Clubhouse Call: New Miners, PiMP Auto, and Gamers Galore

  • Attendance:

    • em-ly
    • lily
    • melt
    • anjin
    • pREDDY
    • Geo/a|ien



    Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/)

    Project Announcements

    New pimpup

    We have 4 new miners that just came out (already in pimpup) (maybe a 5th one)

    • (amd) optiminer 2.1.2: equihash/zcash/zcl/zen [optiminer.equihash.pcfg] - already had, but updated how it works
    • (nvid) ccminer-phi-anxmod v1.0: phi [ccminer.phi.pcfg]
    • (nvid) bminer v5.3.0: zcash/equihash [bminer.equihash.pcfg]
    • (nvid) dstm v0.5.8: zcash/equihash [dstm.equihash.pcfg]

    Great testing from a|ien, need to do more testing around stats.
    - What are your opinions on ethminer?
    pREDDY: Used with 1060s on windows, it was crashing with claymore. With the dual 1060 rig, even though the hash rates were the same, claymore produced more share.
    Would love more information on this if anyone is using this!
    Anjin: ethminer has a better ability to control how the GPU is handling work, what parts of the GPU are being utilized, etc. Some specific advantages for 1060s, but you have to dig into the forums to see how people are fine tuning those options.

    - What do you think of these new miners? 

    pREDDY - At least 90% are AMD, and not as profitable with equihash

    • What miners would you like to see in the future?
      #AlltheClaymores. Version 12?
      Most people mining zcash, eth, ethclassic, monero

    Additional Items:

    Newsletter Release this week!

    • Beta tip for the newsletter! Free month of MF Pro when your tip gets blasted out!
      pimpup auto - feature this in the newsletter!!!
      don't need to shut down the rig, weekly is recommended,
      you can do things like reboot the box after it's done pimp'ing up


    • Also: what sort of demonstrations would you like to see during these calls?
    • pimpup auto
    • a lot people don't update their miners, or don't know that pimpup only updates the software
    • "you've updated your software, don't forget to update your miner!"
    • option to statically select miners that would automatic reach out and update the miners when you update the software
    • The miners menu should show if that miner is installed (Can we tell if that version is installed ?)

    Beta Team Question: Sourcing - how to get hardware for the rigs: what's your process?

    • Manufactures are producing at their limits and are cutting miners off so that the cards are still available for their main audience: gamers.

    Side project: anyone know how to write discord bots?

    The PiMP team has a few random tasks regarding discord bots that we'd like some help on - if you're interested and have the skillset, reach out to @em-ly for more information!


    • Any progress on the key invalidation issues?
      Working on it!

    Wrap Up


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