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Key failed validation: Max agents reached

  • Hello,

    We have recently started to reinstall all our computers with the new image of pimp (pimp-2.4.2-all), once the cloning of this img has been made, it is impossible for us to validate our access key to be able to use the system, we are grateful help us solve this situation, indicating what steps we should follow to obtain a key that allows us to use the pimp system.

    Thanks in advance.

    Spanish Version...


    Recientemente hemos comenzado a reinstalar todos nuestros equipos con la nueva imagen de pimp (pimp-2.4.2-all), una vez realizada la clonacion de dicha img, se nos hace imposible validar nuestra llave de acceso para poder usar el sistema, agradecemos puedan ayudarnos a resolver esta situacion, indicandonos que pasos debemos seguir para obtener una llave que si nos permita usar el sistema pimp.

    Gracias de antemano.


  • Staff

    First make sure the key is not being used on another rig. Second, it can take a short period of time for a key to timeout in the validation service. So if its a valid key, and its not being used anywhere else. Just wait a bit and try again.

  • Staff

    For Volume License Keys please message staff your email on file or order number so we can recount your rigs.

  • hi, guys thanks for repply

    here ours orders numbers

    [redacted by pimp billing support for security reasons: thank you for providing this information. emailing solution.]

  • Hi Guys,
    I just upgraded to the 2.8.6 version and after the first try it worked, but could not get the pimp X-windows display up, so I rebuilt the drive only to get the "Max Agents reach" error. I waited 24 hours and still receive the same error.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Staff

    Hello disruptor11: Just one step to do:

    Max agents added to key? Clear key rig count in Miner.farm Account page. Quick Video: https://youtu.be/awuWbLqT4Pk

    Still problems? re-write SSD, clean eject, and SSH key in: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/268/can-not-validate-license-key/7 and https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/14/entering-the-key-for-the-first-boot

  • I am getting the same error. I installed Pimp OS, input the key and it said system would reboot in verified mode. I waited an hour and nothing happened on the screen so I reimaged my SSD and now I'm getting the Max agents added to key error. Please haaaaaaalp.

  • Staff

    You do not have to wait an hour - just clear the key in miner.farm.

    Make sure you are logged into the right account - the email address you ordered with on getpimp.org. Click the key that looks like the key you are trying to use. Make sure it says 0 of 1 rigs active. Watch the video and do just like that...

    Max agents added to key? Clear key rig count in Miner.farm Account page. Quick Video: https://youtu.be/awuWbLqT4Pk


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