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Remote access using RDP & VNC

  • Staff

    To make life easier for your transition from Windows mining, we have provided the GUI via remote access. Simply RDP to your rig’s IP and click the OK button to login.

    How to Remote Desktop in from Windows:

    From Windows 7/8: Start -> Run -> mstsc

    or From Windows 10: start typing Remote Desktop into the search bar.
    0_1501574821687_Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.06.24 AM.png

    In the Remote Desktop Connection window, it will ask you for Computer. Type in your rig’s IP or hostname here and click connect. Then click OK.

    0_1501574868895_Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.07.34 AM.png

    You will see the pimpdoge icon. Click OK:
    0_1501574924285_Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.08.28 AM.png

    You should be given the PiMP desktop just like it is on the local rig screen.

    If it says cannot connect on port 5900 then your desktop may not be running properly. Try a rb and/or look at the helpme output to troubleshoot.

    How to Remote Desktop in from Apple Mac OS X:

    Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac and run it.

    The rest is the same as the Windows instructions above:

    Type in your rig’s IP or hostname and click connect. Then click OK.

  • For VNC username is root and password is live.

  • The fix for RDP not working is: enter terminal on your PIMP rig and type "systemctl start lightdm && systemctl start --user pimpvnc" without the quotes then hit enter on your keyboard.

  • i recently downloaded pimp but rdp and vnc still not working for me, i tried fixing but no result, with ssh it work perfecly. If someone can solve please fix it :) would be great login in rdp/vnc.

  • Staff

    The pimp vnc bug was resolved in the latest pimpup. Please run pimpup and your vnc/lightdm session should persist correctly now.

  • Problem still persist on my rig, i can solve it with ssh but it would be great to login via rdp

    i done pimpup and apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade

    PIMP version 2.4.2-all
    PIMP CLI v20180220
    PIMP software package version v20180220

  • In my two rigs does not work either, screenshot https://mega.nz/#!ft8QTQCb!Vt3N1afUMymk761tZFPjfivofIqPo2xipmYt6cmA-GI

  • @n1ce-thc exactly same error, didn't solved changeing some settings :(


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