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Problems with DAG

  • Is it possible to set amount of virtual memory in PIMP, as far as I've started to have problems with dag settings on ETC especially

  • Alsp cleanbins command not working under .sh, why?

  • Staff

    Could you please give examples of the configs you are having issues with? As well, examples of the command that is not working, with its output. A screenshot makes it much easier to give help. Thanks!

  • sure, let's say It is custom sh, smthng like below, both not working
    sleep 5

  • Also very strange thing, if I will start mine.sh from console works fine, BUT if I will run it from startup.sh (/root/mine/mine.sh) all 7950 3GB would have a DAG error
    and it doesnt matter if I run it with python wrapper or not ((((
    screen -dmS ethermine python3 /root/autominer/godeye.py /opt/miners/ethminer/ethminer --farm-recheck 200 --opencl-platform 1 -G -M -S pool:port -SP 2 -O Worker.Name:x --report-hashrate

  • and somehow it's connected to export GPU..... etc if I add this to my custom sh, it wouldn't create any of DAG even for R9 290 (as far as remember it's export intead of setx for ubuntu)
    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100

  • Staff

    those are already set in your environment.

    [/root]:# env | grep GPU

    And in your sample script, you say 'cleanbins' then in the script, you use 'clearbins'.

    As for the startup.sh, try changing the wait time a bit. Make it wait just a bit longer so the cards have a chance to fully boot strap and get started. Use 'clinfo' to give you an idea how the AMD drivers see the card. And in the miner, run a device list to see what platforms are what, to insure the opencl-platform aligns with what the miner finds.


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