EWBF vs DSTM vs Bminer Nvidia equihash miners compared

  • Hey all,

    While this was just a quick and dirty 24h test, I wanted to get the information out there for those that might be wondering.

    Test rigs (x3):

    Asrock B250 Gaming K4
    Celery G3930
    4gb DDR4
    120gb SSD
    6x Asus Dual GTX 1070

    I mined zcash on flypool for 24h and did a side by side comparison. Here is the information for the current round they are hashing on.

    Miner Current Speed (5 sec) Average Speed Valid Shares Invalid Shares

    DSTM 2.7 kH/s 2.7 kH/s 100 (100%) 0 (0%)
    Bminer 3.0 kH/s 2.7 kH/s 111 (99%) 1 (1%)
    EWBF 2.9 kH/s 2.6 kH/s 109 (100%) 0 (0%)

    The overall variance between valid share submissions over the entire period is around 3%

    Rejected shares:

    DSTM - 0.003%
    Bminer - 0.006%
    EWBF - 0.002%

    Overall the miners are close to identical in speed. Bminer shows as slightly faster on the console then the other two but with a few more rejected shares it ends up at almost the exact same speed. Personally as I would have to update hundreds of rigs I just do not see the advantage of changing miners. EWBF has been rock solid since I have started using it. I have read that Bminer is not as stable but I have no personal experience with that, nor do I have any amount of useful experience with DSTM outside of this test.

    As I said, this was just a quick and dirty overnight test but it shows that all of the miners are pretty similar and it seems more a matter of personal preference which one you should use.

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    Thanks Alien :)

  • So just a short followup to this. I have been running bminer and DSTM since this test and the results have been consistent. The systems are always within a few share submissions of each other and while bminer still over reports on the console side, on the pool side the results are still nearly identical.

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