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1 of 3 GPU fans don't spin after gputool config

  • Hi, I am new to Pimp OS. After I did some adjustments in the gputool config file, 1 of the 3 fans on the GPU won't spin anymore. When I reboot the rig the configuration goes back to normal with a default config where all fans works again. Any ideas how to troubleshoot and fix ? Thanks!

  • Staff


    how about some details? what gpu?

  • Sorry, I forgot. It's a Asus Rog Strix 3090 gpu.

  • Update: I now inserted a MSI Gaming X trio 3090 card in addition to to other. The main card works perfect now, but the new card is set to fan speed 30% even if I change it in gpu-config.json file.

  • Staff

    Hey pimpr, I think those cards sometimes don't cooperate with the driver or with each other. Going by past posts like this one and some in the discord, https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/11106/not-all-fan-speeds-being-set/5

    I'm wondering if the phoenixminer auto fan (the default using -tt 70 in the FLAGS) is able to manage the fans while mining. Could you give that a try, while making sure to watch the temps closely? Might be the easiest path forward for this setup.

    Thank you,

  • I ran the phoenixmixer with -tt 70 but the MSI GPU fan still runs at 30%.. I also tried to reboot and change value in the json file but no luck. When I disconnect the ASUS GPU the MSI card fan speed is adjustable in the json file (or it seems like just one of the fans is adjustable).
    UPDATE: I changed PCE-e slot for both GPUs and now the MSI GPU is stuck at fan speed 58%...


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