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Here are some examples of paste bin and screenshot programs

  • Recently we were asked to show how to show a conf and other things so we made you this article to get you all started.

    The best thing is that this way the chats stay clean and you can get the info you want across.


    The showme the newest way in the arsenal of great ways to show things it has its roots in sprunge.us and it gives a nice link of a thing you want to share

    Here is an example of a execution of the command and the output it gives

    Just type showme + the file name and it will give a link when you done it right.
    This link can be shared so others can view it.


    Here is what they will see when they click the link of this example file.



    Pastebin is another great easy to use tool you can use to share what you need to share.
    This is a tool from ubuntu and is a quick and good way to share your config and many other things the easy way.

    here is an example :


    Here is what they will see when they click the link of this example file:


    if there are any others that you guys use please update the post with your favorite flavor

  • SNAGGY The easiest way to share screenshots

  • when in ssh into your rigg personally i almost always use lightningshot


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