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Quickstart Guide

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    Youtube Video

    Step 1. Add a miner profile.

    Step 2. Test your config with pimp --test
    Start your miner and connect to the miners output console with the command pimp --test 1 and ensure the miner is performing as you expect. To detach from it, press Control+A, release, then D (the standard 'screen' detach command).

    Step 3. Customize your config file with edit
    Use the edit [filename] command to open a config in an editor and validate your changes.
    For example: edit sgminer.multi.conf

    Use edit without a filename to see a list of available files.
    When you save and exit (if JSON, it will check if the file is correctly formatted JSON and display any errors, if PCFG it will not), then allows you to re-edit if necessary.

    Step 4. Then, test the miner again with your changes by using: pimp --test 1 (or whatever ID you are using right now.)

    Step 5. Register the rig to your miner.farm account with command minerfarm register. You can sign up for a FREE miner.farm account of your own with visual alerting, pool monitoring, reporting and much more for up to 2 miners. To put your agent on your own farm, get your API keys from your miner.farm account page, and enter them in the agent console.

    You can do it in one shot using the terminal by using the command: minerfarm register your@account.email farmnumber e.g. minerfarm register miner@example.com 6

    Or, You can do it using the Agent Console by using the minerfarm command, then pressing c.

    Step 6. Optional: Customize your GPU fans and clocks and power usage by using gputool. For more details about gputool please see the guide here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/31/gputool-how-to-overclock-nvidia-and-amd-gpus


    1. Add a profile: pimp --add
    2. Test the known-good profile on your rig: pimp --test
    3. Customize the profile to your own pools and settings: edit
    4. Test your customized profile on your rig with your changes: pimp --test
    5. Name the agent and assign it to minerfarm:
      minerfarm --setname myPimprig123
      minerfarm register
    6. Customize fans and clocks settings using gputool

    Other Commands:
    Type pimp to see all available pimp commands and aliases
    Type livechat to open a chat window to the #PiMP irc support channel
    (or join us on Discord)!
    Type newpimp to see this message any time!


    By keyboard: This is a “Graphical interface” inside of a Terminal (The best of both worlds!). This means that you use your Arrow Keys, Tab, Esc, Space and Enter to navigate. Other actions are denoted by letter key, like ‘a’ for [a]dd miner. When in doubt, try hitting Tab!

    By terminal All actions available in the minerfarm console are also available using the command line. Use minerfarm --help for more details.

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    Updated with brand new newpimp video aka the 1-2-3 pimp setup live screencast by melt!!!


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