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updated pimpOS and all my fans turn off

  • running phoenix miner latest and latest pimpOS

    turn the rig on.. all the fan are auto on 80%
    when I do pimp --start .. all the GPU fans turn off at once and it starts to overheat immediately

    I've tried everything.. I'm really stuck

    Any help much appreciated!

  • Hello, next things to do are to provide us with details. You can post it here or join the Discord chat for faster realtime support. Since you didn't mention what "everything" is which you tried I will run down the basic steps which work for everyone.

    First thing to do: Run helpme and provide us the URL so we can look at the diagnostics. This is safe to share. We need to know what GPUs you have for example :)

    If you want to change the startup behavior, for example, the things that run on the startup, like gputool --config (configuring the clocks and fans) and/or pimp --start 1 (starting miners) you can do command nano startup.sh to edit the startup. Details here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/54/user-editable-files-for-startup-and-configuration

    You would also want to look at the miner screen to see what's going on. It should have told you to use pimp --test 1 and pimp --debug 1 to see the miner screen. This can show you if your cards are locking up.

    Most of us also register the rig to our miner.farm farm so we can watch the stats on the web browser and get email alerts. This helps when troubleshooting.

    You may also be asked to look at or provide logs to troubleshoot. Details here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/23/how-to-get-help-the-troubleshooting-tools

  • thanks for that! very helpful


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