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02-08-18 Clubhouse Call: Pilot Meeting, Kryptokitties, oh my!

  • Attendance:

    • melt
    • lily
    • anjin
    • em-ly
    • cuttyman971
    • pREDDY
    • xTWx
    • Zamasu


    Welcome to the first Clubhouse Call!


    Introduce yourself on the call!
    intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/


    Staff Announcements

    February Newsletter - what would you want put in front of all of our readers?
    Business tip from Beta
    New Beta Team Category https://forum.getpimp.org/category/22/private-beta-team

    Additional Items:

     - How can this call be useful for you?
     - Beta Announcement Channel: no chat, announcements posted for people to review so people can catch up on information
    • Post the agenda ahead of time for people to think about beforehand

    • Where would you like to see the next beta go in regards to features

    • Server side of things improving

    • Miner.farm ability to push out a config file to every rig running

    • When making a change for the rig, if there can be a static variable for the rig.

    • Configuration syncing is a B-I-G deal

    • Being able to automatically or remotely turn the rig on/off again
      try set up with raspberry pi and a relay, scripts?
      Might be an easier way to get it done

    • Future Miner.Farm will be customizable!

    • Team News:
      2.5 Release - Brand Spankin New Kernels
      Future: much more capable pimpup and much more capable helpme, and gputool

    Zamasu Ideas: booting over LAN
    We are keeping track of the support load, onboard graphic support is what we're focused on now
    Going back to USB sticks is our roots, trying to get back to that.
    Putting the log files in a temp.
    We could always log the information in the cloud. Does this have privacy concerns?
    Set up a private cloud, FTP connection, personal cloud ideas that could be configured
    If it's something that doesn't have a need to be on the cloud
    Centralized Log Management
    Centralizing rig control, environment variables, centralized logging (going to mem or going to disk?)
    By default logging the memory, but the logging command could switch it over to that
    Also: start leveraging old linux infastructure, have it log to old linux facilities, there are lots of tools for centralizing those kinds of logs. If we have standardized logging tools and management and then there are lot of tools that we could use to execute that.

    Having it switch to the most profitable coin
    Gear marketing feature. Mine switching is a difficult technical challenge. Pools start to suffer when miners switch around really quick, hard to distribute workload in the pools
    By switching all of the time you are losing more money than you think you would make

    Scheduler - what to mine at certain times
    More doable, could probably do something with cron and some PiMP commands.

    PiMP Swag
    Support Swag - PiMP Doge

    PiMP Easter Eggs
    Secret menu - useful; not very easter egger
    Play Doom on PiMP
    3D PiMP game


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