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Minerfarm intermittently not reporting in hashrate graph

  • Minerfarm is intermittently not reporting in the 24 hour hashrate graph, even though the miner is confirmed running and working shares on the pool. Sometimes this happens overnight and comes back on its own after a few hours. Sometimes not.

    Is someone tripping over wires at Minerfarm?

    See attached screenshot:

    Please no comments on the hot GPU. It needs an open air case. :)

  • Have you made some pimpup last week?

    I have the same symptom since 1 weeks after the pimpup. I have also some network internet unconnect, and I lost also the control on the minerfarm agent, but the rig said -> running.

  • I haven't been able to run pimpup since initial install in December. It gives me a Perl syntax error now.

  • If you are not on 2.4.x you will need to flash a new image anyway so I suggest you do that first. Have you confirmed at the pool that your miner is hashing?

  • I will plan a reimage when time allows. But for now, I rely on my pool status to show uptime and hash rate status. The miner is running smoothly regardless of this minerfarm issue.

  • Beta Team

    I experience the same, agents reporting miner down when all is running just fine when I SSH to the rigg and check in minerfarm.

  • Staff

    We had some issues due to responding to growth and infrastructure changes. Things should be smoothing out with the most current releases. Sometimes, just reconnecting will be enough. Please advise if problems still exist.

  • Beta Team

    I suspect that trafic might be blocked by snort. I already discovered that some traffic from mining pool are getting blocked and had to be put on suppress list.

    To do that it is much easier if I know what Source IP to look for in the block list.

    What is the Source IP of minerfarm?

  • Staff

    Network addresses are available using standard tools, like 'host' or 'dig'. Be advised that these addresses will change over time, as our infrastructure is upgraded.
    I recommend not hard coding any IP, and instead using DNS lookup dynamically in tools such as Snort and Splunk.

    Thank you for your support,


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