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Please introduce yourself here!

  • Staff

    Intro to this Intro Thread

    So far, we have been using the PiMP OS Beta Team channel as a clubhouse of pimp power users and successful miners, each with our own talents. We have gotten to look closer at projects, help each other out with great deals and great ideas... What a great learning experience! Now, as the PiMP OS family grows, we have extended the Clubhouse to all of the PiMPs.

    Thanks again for taking your time and being a part of this project. Mining and PiMP has shaped many of our lives and it feels great. So, lets be friends! Allow me to be the first one to introduce myself.

    Hey PiMPs! My name is melt and I am one of the Co-founders of PiMP.

    You can find me in discord every day and that's because I enjoy working with you.

    My lab is quite a mix and I have experimented with many different construction and arrangement techniques. I built my own vertical tower out of cheap materials. I think the wire racks are the best way to do multiple rigs if you can.

    • Motherboards: I have a few Asus Z270, some ASrock
    • Risers: mostly rev5 molex risers.
    • GPUs: 470, 480s, 280x, 1070s, 1060s.
    • Power supplies: I have 5x 240V 30A twistloks for the Delta 2400W server psu with the breakout boards. These are reliable, quiet, and easy to use. For the 120V and crate rigs I usually go with EVGA SuperNOVA gold or above.
    • Technique: Mostly I try to mine ZEC with the nvidias, with a 100/600 clock, 130w, 80fan, otherwise default ewbf config. For the mixed/AMD rigs I just leave them on default claymore dual for now since we play with those rigs a lot.

  • Hi all,

    My name is Paz (acronym for my full name). I'm a recent beta and support addition to the team. Been mining since mid 2017 wondering what took me so long. I am a digital strategist and product manager by trade and I'm fascinated with PiMP and eager to contribute. The thought of distributed farm management is exciting and PiMP is the platform to get there.

    • I have two rigs, one AMD (8x RX580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB), one mixed (8x GTX 1070 + 2x RX580 MSI)
    • Both Asrock H110 BTC+ mobos
    • Some mid range i5 processors
    • 8 8gb RAM
    • 120GB SSDs
    • PSUs are bridged with the add2psu.com devices. The AMD runs 1200W + 750W and the NVIDIA AMD mixed is a 1500W + 750W
    • I am also experimenting with PCIe bus splitters

    I reside in Toronto, so it's cold. One rig is on my balcony in a shipping container with some extra fans. The other is in the basement warming the foundation.

    I mine ETH right now using claymore because my OCD nature doesnt like seeing HW errors increment :-s

  • Staff

    Hi Team,
    My name is Lily, and I have been with PIMP from the beginning. Melt and I have been working together since 2014 to bring you the best mining platform we can.
    I started out writing PoolManager, have written the PIMP client tools and the current version of miner.farm, and am now hard at work bringing you the next level of our products.
    Thank you for being a part of our efforts!

  • Staff

    Hello Miners. Lily invited me to the PiMP Dev IRC a couple years ago. And about a year ago I was asked to join the team. I have been contributing whatever is needed, as it is needed. My background is with computational systems for a variety of problems, using mostly Unix/Linux based solutions. I have been excited to be invited to work with this team, as the project touches on much of my past work, and keeps me learning so much more.

    We are a small team, so we all wear a lot of hats, feel free to discuss any issue with any one of us. We will work out how to get the right folks involved to solve any problem. Currently I have been working on building and maintaining the Forum, keeping the kernel and drivers current, and a multitude of whatever comes along that needs another set of eyes or hands.

    I have two small rigs I run to help keep current, as well test and validate work we are doing. I try to keep AMD, INTEL, and ARM based compute platforms running, as well both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs working hard in the mines. I also like to mine on various fresh altcoins just for fun. And those rigs evolve and mutate as equipment is found, or needs changing. I am always looking for new, used, donated bits to help keep things tested and working. So if you know of anything crazy, new, or retiring something still of use... Please keep the PiMP labs in mind :)

    Thanks to all of you for helping with new release testing, supporting our ever growing user base, and just hanging out and sharing your days with all of us. The tribe we call PiMP is what makes it all worth everything in the end. Feel free to message me directly anytime. Would love to hear about your favorite penny coins!


  • Hello fellow PiMPs

    My name is George AKA Geo AKA a|ien. I currently run the largest crypto datacenter in North America. We are sitting at 20 megawatts with another 40 megawatts coming this year. I manage over 1500 GPU rigs and 12,000 bitcoin ASICs in total. You can view a drone video of my datacenter here: https://www.hyperblock.co/

    A coworker of mine found PiMP while we were researching various mining OSes to roll out at our datacenter. PiMP was the best choice on the market at the time and continues to be to this day. Based on my continual positive interactions with Melt and the rest of the team I have thrown my full support into the product and do what I can to foster adoption and help out in both the public help channel as well as with beta testing.

  • Support

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Louis, and like my good friend Paz has said I am a recent additional to beta and support team, and have been mining since mid 2017 - seems an age ago :(
    I am currently a trainee cyber security (whist taking a few more exams), and also work from home helping in running a family business, whist at the same wanted to be as much as I can be involved in mining, the Pimp OS and it's community, as their is so much potential in crypto currencies, and I believe this is just the start!

    So, I'm hear to learn and contribute in anyway I can be of use, whist at the same time gaining a deeper understanding of the mining aspects / Linux, and contributing to the success of the Pimp OS.

    Going back, I'd heard about crypto currencies and Bitcoin mining in 2011, but for life of me couldn't get to grips with the subject, nor how to setup a wallet nor how to mine it - I wish I'd know about Pimp OS, Melt, Lily, Anjin, and all you guys and girls back then. However, this is now, and that's want counts!!

    I have three rigs, two are Nvidias, one with a mixture of gpu's due to replacements. The first rig comprises of a mix of EVGA FTW/TI/FTW2 GTX 1070's (6 gpus), the second rig is Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 (highly recommend over EVGA, a dream to work with!), and the third rig which I call my 'problem child' no pun intended are my AMD MSI 390x's.

    All three rigs comprise of the following same specs:-

    • Asus Strix B250F Gaming Motherboard

    • Intel Pentium Dual-Core G4400 3.3GHz Processor

    • 4GB DDR4 2133Mhz RAM

    • 2x EVGA 1000 GQ, 80+ Gold 1000W Semi - one rig has 2x Seasonic 1000w 80+ Gold PSU's as back then limited PSU supply and wanted to test a few manufacturers out

    • Drevo X1 Pro 64GB SSD

    • 24pin (20+4pin) Dual PSU ATX Power Supply Adapter cable for two PSU's

    Best Louis - I'm sure when I review my profile post above I will edited as more info comes to light :)

  • Staff

    Hello All!

    You all know me as DocDryden, but don't let that fool you - I'm no Doctor, but I did play one in Battlefield 4. LOL

    My real name is Jeremy. I just retired from 20 years of enlisted active duty service in the US Navy. I was an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT) First Class Petty Officer (E-6) and I specialized on the F/A-18 Fire Control RADAR systems. As an AT, my base training is electronics, but don't let the "Aviation" part fool you... Trust me, electrons flow exactly the same here on the ground as they do in the air. I've worked on all sorts of electronics ranging from simple power supplies all the way up to extremely complex RADAR systems. I served on-board three US Naval ships, USS Saipan LHA-2 (Amphibious Assault Ship), USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 (Nuclear Aircraft Carrier), and the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 (also a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier). I have worked on numerous aircraft, from Helios to Fighters.

    I'm 38 now, but I've been "into" computers since I was 7 years old when my Dad bought me an old Apple IIe from a garage sale. (In case anyone is confused about my career path, I chose electronics because I enjoyed computers - I didn't want to risk growing to hate computers because it was my "job".) I started out teaching myself Apple BASIC and moved onto Dark BASIC on my very first PC, a Radio Shack Tandy SX25 (God, I'm old. <sigh>). Anyway, PASCAL, Turbo PASCAL, and Visual Basic is what I played with up until I joined the Navy. The Visual Basic really came in handy in the world of Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft Office VBA). I dabbled in some PHP, but since the Navy really ate up most of my time, I never expanded further.

    Back in 2011, I got hooked on Distributed Computing, specifically SETI@Home. I saved up some money and built a 10 GPU (GTX 1050's) to help search for E.T. It was fun for a while, but with the machine just sitting there working there was nothing for me to really do. Sometime in January of 2018, I decided I would give this whole "crypto" thing a try. I dragged my feet all the way to early March before I actually reconfigured my SETI@Home machine into a crypto machine. Wouldn't you know it... I loved every part of it.

    I won't bore you all with the details, but due to very strict planing, saving, and investing, my wife and I never have to work another day in our lives. Our kids are just about all moved out and as soon as my wife retires, we're headed to our dream home on a generous sized lot on the side of a mountain in Vermont. She calls PiMP my hobby, but we all know what it really is. LOL

    I must confess, but try not to hold it against me, I started with... wait for it... EthOS. Ugh, I know, but as soon as I found PiMP, I've never looked back. I'm currently running 4 mining rigs (each with 9 GPU's). I've posted my setup to the Rig Showcase and you can check it out Here.

    The best part of PiMP, besides how awesome it is, is the community that comes with it. Being military and having to move around all the time doesn't make "fitting in" easy, but you guys took me in almost as if I'd been a part of this community for years. I joined into the Clubhouse Calls not knowing what to expect - only just to listen, but you guys somehow got me talking now, so... I guess I'm just trying to say, "Yes, you guys rock!"

    Part of being in a community is helping others, so when fellow PiMPs jumped into the Discord channel with issues, I tried to help them out. Honestly, I couldn't tell if I was helping or hurting, but I was trying. I guess I was helping because Melt offered his thanks and a position on the Beta Team. Hell yeah, I jumped on that. When he offered to put me on the Support Team, I was floored, but, again, Hell yeah, I jumped on that too!

    I know that I am still just a "baby" when it comes to all this crypto stuff, but I am learning it as fast as I can. I look forward to working with all of you, but most importantly, I'm looking forward to learning from you.

    You PiMP's stay pimpy!

  • Hello fellow beta`s,

    my name is Twizted as perse on the pimp channels i started mining as a hobby on alongside my regular use pc stuff on u guessed it a windows rig.
    started reading into mining and learning all i know mainly by myself and the use of the internet.
    after a month or three i found (pretty long search back then) luckilly better findable as of late the PIMP OS.
    i was allready fermilliar with ubuntu ever since 7.4 but switched back to windows now and then still use it but mainly for daily use the windows rig.

    anyhow i sticked with PIMP OS after a short research querry (google is a friend or ixquick :D) and found PIMP is the better of the mining oss. At least thats what they said i didnt have any knowledge on dedicated mining OSs so i plunged myself in the deep.
    Luckily it was a good plunge without hurt only joy and stability.

    As for the community i try and help where i can though i might not yet or ever be as good as solving problems for and with others regarding PIMP i do what i can.

    feel free to shout out to me when u need me




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