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Rigs Disconnects from Network

  • Hello everybody, i am running into a strange problem with my rigs.
    I have 5 rigs, 4 at my stop(Rig 1,3,4,5) and 1 at home (Rig2)
    All have 2.4 versions and have 1070/1070ti Cards with Asrock H110 Btc+ 13GPU Motherboard and 1000w Gaming PSU for every 3 gpus.
    The Rig 2 at home runs like charm without any problem.
    All the rigs at my shop also run great but only for 12 hours to 2-3 days.
    In between this time rig 4 or rig 5 get disconnected from internet and right after 20-30 mintues all other rigs get disconnected also internet. Even my Pc which is connected on the the same switch also looses internet. This has happned a lot starting from rig 4 or 5 and never with rig 1 or 3. I have tried changing swtich and cables. The rigs are connected with a 24 port switch(before with 5 and also with 8 port) with same result. The switch then is directly connected with the router. While the internet stops on the rigs, the pcs connected with the same router works fine. I have a lot of items at my shop (about 10-25) connected to the router with switches all setup with automatic ips.

    I dont know how to explain this more but i need help with this matter. I know that there is no problem with PimpOS but i need find and solve this problem.

    I am posting helpme for all 4 rigs and my farm link. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


    alt text

  • you say other machines on the network are still working, but may not rule entirely that network is working. ive seen cables and ports act weird. try rotating the cables just to be sure. if there are gpu faults, i looked at rig4 and you could put the 1070s next to each other. currently they have a few 1070tis in between. best to seggregate models into PCIe-ID chains (like kind in order)

    your screenshot shows miner.farm not reporting them, but are the boxes in the air and just disappearing from miner.farm? confirm that first.

    you may want to consider using a third party server monitoring tool such as nagios or cacti.

    not that this is a problem, but you have some weird sleep gputool --config in your startup.sh, why do you hit it multiple times over 900 seconds? i dont think that should be necessary

  • Hi, my rig at home also have some Ti cards and runs fine for days but i will try to aline them on all rigs.
    In alert view all i see is this,
    Miner RIG5.1 is stopped!
    Agent RIG5 has not checked in. and then followed by other rigs.
    But the Rigs are working, after a manual restart everything seems to back online.
    yes, i had some issues with the gpu-config on boot before so i tried adding this but i am sure this can be removed now.
    This problem has to do sometihng with network as my pc on the same switch also disconnects.
    Do you think making the IP static will help resolve this?
    Right now all is working fine but in next few hours to 1-2 days it will happen again.

  • Hello @chowham. I had this same issue previously. I had a few rigs setup and after some time they would disconnect from minerfarm and then totally go down. They would also affect the internet speed of the other machines connected to the network (non rigs). The only thing I could do to fix this issue was to download a VPN service (torguard) and install it on the rigs and make sure that it starts up automatically on reboot. It seemed as though my ISP was blocking certain ports related to mining and that was causing the issue. Assuming you are having the same problem, this should work for you. You may have to increase the sleep time in startup.sh for gputool to something around 45-60 after adding this. Hope this helps!

  • Hi nick, thanks for the reply. I don´t think that should be the problem but i have just purchased TorVPN and going to install it. Will post the results soon.


  • I have done the pimpup last friday for claymore 10,6.

    Now I have the same issue with my rig. Minerfarm said Agent down, Miner pool is not updated.
    But, I can connect to pimp (with ssh), Pimp -- list gives Miner is running.

    The network issue arrives between 1hour to 3hour running.


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