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Trying to boot a 2nd rig

  • Hello,

    My first intel/nvidia based rig has been running like a champ, and so I'm building an AMD based rig, and can't get it to boot. I followed the same process as with the first rig, only exception being the updated image.

    The mono is a Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 (http://www.gigabyte.us/Motherboard/GA-AB350-Gaming-3-rev-1x#sp). I've spent a lot of time here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/9/setting-up-motherboards-for-mining trying to find all the bios tweaks, but not all are in the bios for this board.

    Set CPU CORE CONTROL equal to the amount of CORES PER PROCESSOR for your particular CPU make/model.
    Set IEEE1394 to DISABLED.
    set 4G DECODE to ENABLED.
    set PEG1 to "GEN 2"
    set PEG2 to "GEN 2"
    set PCI Latency to "96 Cycles"

    Regardless of those settings, I'm expecting it to boot to the startup screens. I've tried the image on a 16gb & 120gb ssd, changed where the ssd is plugged into on the cable, swapped cables (its the only drive in the system), and spent time digging through the posts trying to find a hint of what could be preventing this system to boot.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated it.


  • Meant to mention at this time I have a single RX 580. Plan to add 2 more.

  • ok, so a few things to start

    1. what version of pimp?
    2. has the mobo received latest bios updates?
    3. is UEFI enabled? i didnt see that in your list of tweaks
    4. what exactly are you seeing when you boot up?
    5. how is your monitor plugged in?
    6. have you tried starting a SSH session to the rig?

    1. It's the latest version. I downloaded it yesterday.
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Not sitting in front of it at the moment but it basically says it can't find a boot drive, please insert or connect a boot device, so it's not seeing the hd, or if it is, it can't see that it has a boot sector on it.
    5. Monitor is plugged in via hdmi to the only rx 580 installed
    6. nope b/e i can tell it can't boot

    I can't tell if it's a mobo/ssd issue, or if it's somehow a pimp image issue. I can boot into debian, ethos on this same drive and same mobo, which leads me to believe it's something to do with the image or mobo/ssd config.

  • Staff

    Also, you must enable UEFI booting for 2.4.2.

  • easy solution, uefi isnt enabled because it's not finding the device. have a look at this article which explains the difference. if you enter the mobo setup and see the old looking style interface, youre on old bios still.


  • Ahhh but UEFI IS enabled. Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

    BIOS 1

    BIOS 2

    BIOS 3

    BIOS 4

    BIOS 5

    BIOS 6

    (Sorry for the links - didn't see a way to embed them here)

  • so your boot device appears to not be correctly configured in the bios. you havent even hit the drive with pimp installed on it. one screen says P3: SATA SSD as the boot prio but another screen says its SATA ID 1. you may want to poke around that to make sure the device is selected properly. if that isnt working, probably the flash of the SSD didnt work.

    im not familiar with that brand of mobo, so im guessing that is what their uefi interface is. however from there you can always flip to simple BIOS. if you can do that, it is 100% verified you are in UEFI. If you cannot, then alas uefi might still not enabled.

  • Staff

    @brian-lanehart just drag and drop the image, or use the 'image' icon in the composer tool bar, right at the top of the composer window..

    0_1518042313260_Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 2.23.27 PM.png

    But you can also just drag and drop it right into the composer where you want it to appear in the message.


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