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Bitcoin.com’s This Week in Bitcoin Podcast is Mandatory Listening

  • Staff

    Bitcoin.com’s This Week in Bitcoin Podcast is Mandatory Listening

    Veteran podcaster Matt Aaron lends his curation and vocal talent to a smooth few minutes each week in summation of the Bitcoin world’s most important news, This Week in Bitcoin (TWiB). Every Friday, listeners get breakdowns and commentary in bite-size format, leaving them informed and with plenty of time to go about their day.

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    Each Friday, the Bitcoin World’s Most Important News

    The Bitcoin.com Podcast Network is growing with the launch last month of This Week in Bitcoin, a weekly ten to fifteen minute summary of all things Bitcoin ecosystem. Mr. Aaron is the show’s host by way of Bogotá, Colombia, where he began podcasting for his _Food Startups Podcast _to promote exporting exotic South American fruit to the United States.

    He sheepishly admits to earning his first slice of bitcoin wagering on Donald Trump’s eventual victory in the 2016 presidential election, though he’s careful to explain it wasn’t an endorsement … just cold, cool speculation.

    <figure id="attachment_107646" style="width: 496px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Friday’s Quick Fix: This Week in Bitcoin is Mandatory Listening

    <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Matt Aaron’s view from this year’s North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami</figcaption>


    “For those that want to keep up with the Bitcoin world but don’t have tons of time,” he explained to News.Bitcoin.com, “this is a 10 minute weekly show people can listen to on their commute, at the gym, etc. We want to build the #1 podcast network in the cryptosphere, and focus on shows that can be enjoyed by everyone,” he stressed.

    Mr. Aaron already has five TWiB episodes in the can, the latest dropped this Friday. Every Friday, in fact, listeners can expect to be greeted by a sultry British rose announcing a fresh broadcast while interspersed with electronica. Mr. Aaron then takes over, presenting the most relevant stories of the week between synth breaks for punctuation.

    Friday’s Quick Fix: This Week in Bitcoin is Mandatory Listening

    With weekly help from News.Bitcoin.com‘s Kai Sedgwick, the current round of news he labeled good, bad, and bizzare, noting Facebook’s crypto ad ban and whether that’s a positive; Square’s continued love for bitcoin; more South Korea news; the entrance of Samsung into the ecosystem; Tether’s troubles; initial coin offering scams; El Petro’s white paper from Venezuela’s executive; and the Japanese app Line’s launching of crypto trading. These are market-moving pieces, ones savvy bitcoiners need to be apprised in order to stay informed.

    In addition to TWiB, February 13th the Bitcoin.com Podcast Network will publish a new show, Humans of Bitcoin with host Katie, a journalist covering the real lives of bitcoiners which will include some higher profile guests. Keep up with TWiB at its landing page, subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, and be sure to leave a comment and rating to help others learn about the show.

    What kinds of bitcoin-related podcasts would you like to hear? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Images courtesy of Pixabay, TWiB.

    _Not up to date on the news? Listen to _This Week in Bitcoina podcast updated each Friday.

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