What are your favorite sites to look at BTC prices and news?

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    Hey PIMPS this is not a sponsored link or anything but I did want to start a nice conversation about some cool other sites to check out what is going on in the crypto world.

    I have found that I like the interface of the ticker here: https://bitcointicker.co
    One thing is that it seems to die after 5+ hours. My friend @shujinko found this for me.

    Just ran across a pretty neat little news aggregator, although I would love a break from the terminal font that I seem to see 24/7 these days. It's at https://cryptopanic.com

    I don't know who runs these sites, no relation to us or any kickbacks, just opening the discussion.
    Looking forward to hearing some other cool sites to check out! Add yours below.

  • coindesk.com for general crypto news.

    bitcoinwisdom.com for btc/ltc live pricing.

    fork.lol to compare profitability between BTC and BCH

    coinmarketcap.com for general pricing and trends


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