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Bitcoin.com Introduces the New Buy Bitcoin Cash Portal

  • Staff

    Bitcoin.com Introduces the New Buy Bitcoin Cash Portal

    The web portal Bitcoin.com has just launched its Buy Bitcoin Cash page that enables users to easily buy bitcoin cash (BCH) using a credit card. The new addition makes purchasing peer-to-peer digital cash simple and safe for those looking to join this innovative environment.

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    The New Buy Bitcoin Cash Portal

    Sometimes trying to acquire bitcoin can be a tedious task that requires verification from an exchange, and often times they don’t accept credit cards. Now with Bitcoin.com’s Buy Bitcoin Cash portal allows users from many countries all around the world the ability to obtain BCH easily (Bitcoin.com also offers a page where users can purchase BTC, bitcoin core). Bitcoin cash is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers fast on-chain transactions, and fees are less than a penny to send any amount of funds. The Buy Bitcoin Cash tool is a quick and easy way to get involved in the growing cryptocurrency economy.

    Bitcoin.com Introduces the New Buy Bitcoin Cash Portal

    A Safe Way to Purchase Digital Currencies With a Credit Card

    To get started all a user has to do is visit buy.bitcoin.com and they can choose between bitcoin cash (BCH) or bitcoin core (BTC). After clicking the ‘Buy Bitcoin Cash’ tab, a user simply enters the denominated amount of BCH they want to purchase and the receiving BCH address.

    Bitcoin.com Introduces the New Buy Bitcoin Cash Portal

    If you don’t have a place to store bitcoin cash check out Bitcoin.com’s non-custodial wallet that safely stores both BTC and BCH. After the denominated amount of BCH is filled in with an address you simply head to the checkout page to enter your credit card’s credentials. After the purchase is complete you’ll soon be a proud owner of the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin cash.

    Bitcoin.com’s Chief Operations Officer, Mate Tokay, is excited to see the Buy Bitcoin Cash page implemented into the websites’ growing services.

    “A tool that allows the convenience of purchasing digital assets like bitcoin cash is essential to the cryptocurrency environment,” Tokay states during the announcement.

    Not only is our Buy Bitcoin Cash web portal easy and accessible, it offers a safe way to purchase digital currencies using a credit card — The cryptocurrency economy is growing fast and Bitcoin.com will continue to remain a leader by providing educational resources and tools like this one.

    Bitcoin.com Introduces the New Buy Bitcoin Cash Portal

    Certain Countries and U.S. States Will Be Supported Gradually

    Currently, the Buy Bitcoin Cash web portal is available in most countries however the service is not yet accessible in the U.S. just yet. Each state in the U.S. will be added gradually when the provider obtains certain regulatory licenses. Additionally, the Buy Bitcoin Cash service is not available in other areas like Afghanistan, Iran, Uganda, Cuba, and a few other nation states with stricter laws towards digital currencies.

    Bitcoin.com is thrilled to offer our visitors a place to purchase bitcoin cash (and bitcoin core) easily without all the hassles. Further, if a friend or family member you know is looking to purchase digital currencies in a fast and convenient method then tell them about buy.bitcoin.com and they’ll be well on their way to joining the booming decentralized economy.

    Have you tried the buy.bitcoin.com web portal yet? Let us know your thoughts about the experience in the comments below. We’d love to hear your feedback.

    Images via Bitcoin.com

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