One card mining at half speed AMD RX 570

  • Hi

    One of my cards is mining at half speed and seems to be showing completely odd values. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    GFX Clocks and Power:
    167772 MHz (MCLK)
    167772 MHz (SCLK)
    9.53 W (VDDC)
    16.0 W (VDDCI)
    37.195 W (max GPU)
    37.155 W (average GPU)

    It's using the following settings
    "gpuSettings": [
    "gpu_id": "0",
    "AMDCoreClk": "1100",
    "AMDMemClk": "1950",
    "AMDPtune": "7",
    "fanspeed": "80",
    "temptarget": "70"

    It is flashed with identical bios as this card that is not using any gpu-config.json
    GFX Clocks and Power:
    1750 MHz (MCLK)0_1517429887318_bios570.png
    1244 MHz (SCLK)
    73.25 W (VDDC)
    16.0 W (VDDCI)
    106.194 W (max GPU)
    101.184 W (average GPU)

  • Staff

    Are the two cards identical (same maker, brand, etc?)


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