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Archived Changelog (2014-2017)

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    Note: This is the archived changelog. For current changelog, go here:

    Updates and Change Log

    Archived pimpnews

    20171004 [M] Added Ubiq (UBQ) example pools to claymore.dual.pcfg profiles.
    20171006 [M] Added AEON CPU miner (profile #3102) and NVIDIA GPU miner (#2105) (AMD soon.)
    20171011 [P] Added new logging features and fixed some minor bugs, like the /tmp/gputype bug.
    20171021 [P] Added more clock/power stats from AMD and NVIDIA, other features and bug fixes.
    20171102 [M] Claymore-dual updated to v10.1 (1651 amd / 2401 nvidia)
    20171106 [P] Miner.farm REST API, -r flag, other bug fixes.
    20171107 [M] Added more Nicehash XMR pools to sgminer.xmr.conf. sgminer-nicehash deprecated.
    20171107 [M] Removed #120x confs/profiles sgminer.nicehash.*.conf (deprecated)
    20171109 [M] Added Claymore XMR AMD v10.2 (need to install w/pimpup then --add 1701)
    20171111 [P] Fixed 100% CPU use issue, Fixed amdmeminfo issue.
    20171113 [P] Fixed GPU listing error on GUI desktop.
    20171113 [M] Claymore-dual updated to v10.2 (1651 amd / 2401 nvidia)
    20171209 [P] minerfarm agent upgrades/bugfixes
    20171212 [P] Fixed key validation issue and improved connection reliability.

    20171211 pimpup:
    Fixed key validation issue even more and improved connection reliability better than ever before.

    20171211 pimpup:
    Fixed key validation issue and improved connection reliability.

    20171209 pimpup:
    Updated minerfarm service for better handling of server connection errors.
    Updated pimpkey to detect read-only file system error and inform the user.

    20171113 pimpup:
    Fixed GPU listing error on GUI desktop.

    20171111 pimpup:
    Fixed CPU Load 100% due to amdmeminfo.
    Updated amdmeminfo to latest version.
    Added warnings to disable onboard gpu to the pimpup and pimp apps.

    20171108 pimpup:
    Updated gputool --config to skip fan settings when fanspeed = 'auto' in the gpu-config.json.
    Updated .bashrc to use new prompt method and moved user editable settings to a new file /root/.userrc.
    Updated startup.sh (delivered gently to /root/startup.new to prevent disruption to existing user configurations) to show more examples and allow turning GPU LEDs off on supported nvidia GPUs.
    Updated desktop GUI information to show more per-GPU information and more details about mining status.
    Updated bootdetect to show GPU info at boot and SSH login along with the motherboard and CPU info.
    Updated minerfarm service to support Claymore XMR AMD miner.
    Removed fans and other legacy commands from .bashrc.
    Fixed minerfarm agent and pimp prompt were not displaying the full number of GPUs.

    20171106 pimpup:
    Changed agent service to use REST API
    Updated minerfarm client so adding a user profile using minerfarm -b -c will now output the resulting profile number, for easier adding.
    Updated pimp --add and minerfarm -b -c to take an -r flag that starts the newly added profile or miner after it is created.
    Updated bootdetect and gputool to provide more warning against onboard gpus.
    Updated pimp prompt to update faster.
    Updated minerfarm service to gather more accurate data from nvidia.
    Updated miner.farm backend code to speed up load times on the views.
    Updated miner.farm e-mails to use the new support forum URLs.
    Fixed claymore dual display bug to show the correct hashrates for each algorithm.

    PIMP 2.3.30-amd (ALL AMD GPUs) released 20171029:

    MAJOR UPDATE Now supports all AMD GPUs including 7xxx, 2xx, 3xx and 4xx all in same rig!!! PIMP 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 ARE NOW OBSOLETE. 1.9-fglrx GPUs (7xxx and 2xx) may still run better hashrates with PiMP 1.9 so that download will remain available.**
    Upgraded to support UEFI Boot.
    Upgraded kernel to new PiMP patched and optimized AMD mining kernel.
    Upgraded AMDGPU drivers to 17.30.
    Upgraded all system packages.
    Upgraded all miners with pimpup.
    Upgraded log rotation scheme to save space.
    Upgraded some network security features.
    Added new amdgpu firmware.
    Removed clonezilla and gparted as well as grub boot menu. Boots directly to PIMP.
    Removed apache2, not used.
    Fixed 5+ GPU on MSI and other 170/270 boards
    Fixed 4G Decoding on 5+ GPU now boots properly.
    Fixed Network IP not detected on first or second boot on some networks.
    Fixed grub warning "gfxmode not found"
    Fixed ETH DAG hashrate loss on Polaris (RX 4xx series) GPUs
    Fixed intel microcode firmware.
    Fixed minor bugs.
    Major image cleanup resulting in several hundred MB space savings.
    Integrated all pimpups and previous fixes to current as of 20171021

    PIMP 2.3.30-nvidia released 20171029:

    Upgraded all system packages.
    Upgraded all miners with pimpup.
    Upgraded log rotation scheme to save space.
    Upgraded some network security features.
    Added new nvidia firmware.
    Removed clonezilla and gparted as well as grub boot menu. Boots directly to PIMP.
    Removed apache2, not used.
    Fixed 4G Decoding on 5+ GPU now boots properly.
    Fixed Network IP not detected on first or second boot on some networks.
    Fixed grub warning "gfxmode not found"
    Fixed intel microcode firmware.
    Fixed minor bugs.
    Major image cleanup resulting in several hundred MB space savings.
    Integrated all pimpups and previous fixes to current as of 20171021

    20171021 pimpup:
    Added power usage of AMD and NVIDIA cards to gputool --status and to miner.farm stats.
    Added more stats such as core/memclocks to miner.farm stats.
    Updated helpme local output to better explain how to use it.
    Updated helpme report to show the new logs and X logs in the Logs section.
    Updated gputool to better handle onboard Intel graphics being on when it should be off.
    Updated newpimp to show new edit by number method (pimp --edit 1).
    Fixed new miner detection when using pimp --add.

    20171011 pimpup:
    Fixed /tmp/gputype bug in pimpup.
    Fixed .profile error dialog on 1.9-fglrx.
    Improved GPU detection at boot time.
    Added new minerfarm logs to the helpme.

    20171004 Server-side improvements: Updated getpimp.org / miner.farm so that when you buy pimp, you get your miner.farm account setup for you automatically, and the details will be provided in addition to the pimp key(s).

    20171004 pimpup:
    Fixed problem where AMD rigs after the 20171002 pimpup were rebooting into clonezilla and/or would not boot into PiMP.

    20171003 pimpup:
    Fixed problem where pimpup would not allow you to update miners and/or was complaining about missing tmp files.

    20171002 pimpup:
    Unified miner logging! minerfarm --logging [on|off] to use it.
    Updated log filenames! New names: /var/log/agent.log, /var/log/miner.log
    Updated minerfarm so latest cpuminer-multi now displays accurate pool info on miner view.
    Updated helpme to show gpu-config.json in the PiMP Troubleshooter.
    Updated all tools to better detect GPU type using PiMP bootdetect.
    Updated bootdetect to pick amdgpu or nvidia drivers for next boot based on the type GPU0 is.
    Updated edit command to allow miner id as parameter: as in pimp --edit 1 will edit the profile of the miner. you have with pimp --test 1.
    Updated “Rig ID change too soon” to "Rig ID change too soon: one key per rig, one hour between images".
    Fixed pimp prompt to show correct uptime.
    Fixed small RDP desktop size when no local monitor is connected.
    Fixed permissions error when trying to run pimp --edit.

    2017 September: Many Miner.farm Server-side improvements:
    Revamped home, login and account pages.
    Updated Miner.farm licensing now only counts running miner instances!
    Fixed Many view load improvements.
    Fixed Pool View hashrate display bug fixed for low rate miners
    Switched to coinpayments for crypto payments

    2017 September: Many Getpimp.org Server-side improvements:
    Revamped home and product pages and menus to make things easier.
    Optimized caching and images.
    Added PDF invoicing capability!
    Volume pricing is now calculated properly at checkout.

    PIMP 2.2-rc5-nvidia released 20170830:

    Image only, not available via pimpup.
    Upgraded all system packages.
    Upgraded all miners with pimpup.
    Removed clonezilla and gparted as well as grub boot menu. Boots directly to PIMP.

    20170812 pimpup:
    Added vi/vim support to edit command. It uses the EDITOR env variable.
    Added more examples and guidance to the /etc/crontab file.
    Added P106-100 GPU support to gputool.
    Updated PIMPFARM to expire after 30 days, free MF account to be used instead.
    Updated pimp --delete to show info about running and non-running miners.
    Updated pimpup to notify user of typical compile times when building a miner.
    Updated problem gather on miner.farm server side to better detect problems.
    Fixed P106-100 GPU and fglrx GPU boot detection and xorg configuration.
    Removed mouse support from nano to better allow for copy/paste in terminals.
    Removed clonezilla and gparted from the boot menus, to be removed from images to save space.

    20170801 pimpup:
    Fixed bug where xorg conf was not updating properly.

    20170728 pimpup:
    Added GPU make/model information to Miner.farm.
    Added add/remove miner capability to Miner.farm.
    Upgraded gpudetect to new bootdetect script for xorg setup.
    Upgraded helpme to show more hardware details and farmer number/url.

    PIMP 2.2 rc2 for NVIDIA (Only) released 20170726:

    Not available via pimpup - new image required.
    Added new nvidia firmware blobs.
    Upgraded to 4.13 kernel.
    Upgraded NVIDIA drivers to 384.
    Upgraded all system packages.
    Fixed Network IP not detected on first or second boot on some networks.
    Fixed grub warning "gfxmode not found"
    Integrated all pimpups and previous fixes below.

    20170720 pimpup:
    NEW gputool now controls clocks and fans for both AMDGPU and NVIDIA!
    (This replaces the nvidia-fanspeed and nvidia-clocks scripts from pimpups.)
    Added command pimpup --auto to auto-update pimp software and all miners that are currently used in a profile in pimp --list.
    Fixed delay on being able to pimp --start a miner after adding it.
    Fixed dont try to set power on a mining gpu.
    Fixed pimp --delete to only show miners that can be deleted.
    Replaced pastebin command with showme command to pastebin a file.
    Added more helpful guidance information to pimp --start, --test, and --debug.
    Added more helpful information to interfaces file for static ip assistance.
    Added more helpful information to /root/startup.sh to help setup the rigs.
    Removed PIMP Managed Profile #2301 (nvidia-sgminer) and its confs: obsolete.

    20170701 pimpup:
    Updated pimpup to pause after the news so you can read it.
    Updated pimpup to also update PCI IDs so GPU names are correct in lspci.
    Updated EWBF and Claymore stats to show more accurate info.
    Updated pimp --test to provide more information for troubleshooting.
    Updated pimp --add to only show the appropriate (amd/nvidia) miners for that rig.
    Fixed 504 errors on some larger farms with multiple problems.
    Fixed pimp app now handles invalid profile numbers.
    Fixed minerfarm crash on attempting to load conf outside of /opt/confs.
    Fixed pimp app to start and test more quickly after adding a miner.
    Added pimp --force command to allow forcing all PIMP / MF software to update.

    20170629 pimpup:
    All of the below changes, as well as:
    Updated /root/startup.sh to have more commentary.
    Updated /opt/pimp/nvidia-clock.sh and /opt/pimp/nvidia-fanspeed.sh (no longer needed to be in /root)
    Updated /root/nvidia-config.json filename for clarity.
    Updated amdmeminfo (only needed for amd rigs)
    Added /opt/pimp/nvidia-clock.sh This is the script that sets your clocks. Nvidia Only. You run this, you don’t have to open or edit it.
    Added /opt/pimp/nvidia-fanspeed.sh This is the script that sets your fans. Nvidia Only. You run this, you don’t have to open or edit it.
    /root/startup.sh This is the script that runs on boot. You can put your OC scripts and miner start commands in here or whatever you like. You can run it any time too.
    Added nvidia xorg config to the /root/.bashrc to config the xorg server on boot. May need to reboot if you change GPUs, this will make it so that if the new ones don’t get detected at first you can just reboot.
    Added /root/nvidia-config.json This is a config file in JSON format/syntax that you can edit.

    Pimp-2.1-rc5-nvidia (nvidia only) released 20170628:

    Special thanks to pRoMiNd and thesmokingman again for the nvidia dev help, and dbct and Zamasu for extra support through the huge boom in activity.
    Added /opt/pimp/nvflash for nvidia VBIOS flashing like atiflash
    Updated all Ubuntu system packages
    Updated all PIMP Software.
    Updated all miners to latest as of 20170627
    Added feature to initialize xorg.conf each boot to fix nvidia GUI problems (Updated ~/.bashrc to run nvidia-xconfig command each boot.)
    Added nvidia fanspeed and clock support!!! Change settings in /root/nvidia-config.json and then re-run /root/startup.sh to change settings.

    Known bugs with rc5: missing some files from /root, please run pimpup to fix.

    20170619 pimpup (nvidia only):
    Restored xorg.conf.nvidia that was preventing gui

    20170617 pimpup:
    Congratulations to our new infrastructure engineer, Anjin! The PIMP Family gets bigger.
    More miner.farm work being done for scaling...
    Fixed: Claymore dual gpu display bug
    Fixed: user conf file loading
    Fixed: helpme improvements, small fixes to pimp app,
    Fixed: pimpkey validated network fix

    20170610 pimpup:
    DOUBLED miner.farm server CPU resources for performance increase and scaling
    Upgraded Claymore dual hashrates fix, better accuracy for claymore stats
    Upgraded accuracy of ETH accepts and hashrates
    Fixed: Show NA on unreported items for claymore/ewbf
    Fixed output for invalid ID on pimp flags
    Fixed bug when the file is not in opt/confs

    2.1-rc4-nvidia released on 20170523:

    Reverted to 375.66 for compability and performance!
    Incorporated the 20170530 pimpup and updates to ccminer.

    20170520 pimpup:
    Crontab edit to launch /root/startup.sh
    Updated newpimp to simplify setup.
    Added more delay to network detect on unverified boot, to allow time for managed switches to provide networking.
    Updated pimp --add (and minerfarm --add), if the conf file is not found, specify which conf filename was not found.

    2.1-rc3-amdgpu released on 20170516:

    Updated all system packages and PIMP and Miner.farm software.
    Upgraded AMDGPU drivers to 17.10
    Added support RX 5xx series but REMOVES SUPPORT AMD 3xx series!!!
    Added ohgodatool command for overclocking. Scripts will be coming soon.
    Note: You will need to use “algorithm”: “ethash-new” with sgminer.eth.conf.

    2.1-rc3-nvidia released on 20170516:

    Updated all system packages and PIMP and Miner.farm software.
    Upgraded nvidia drivers to 381.22
    Note: rc4 will revert to 375.66 for compability and performance!
    Added support GTX 1080Ti, GTX TitanXP

    20170510 pimpup:
    More fixes to the confs.

    20170420 pimpup:
    Added nicehash ssl support to claymore-zcash-amd profile
    Added pimp --add and pimp --delete for command line / scriptable profile management!
    Added pimp --debug to run a miner with debug flags, without the screen wrapper, for easier troubleshooting.
    Upgraded helpme for better failure handling and readability
    Fixed nvidia.sgminer.eth.conf typo
    Fixed livechat nicks no longer have PiMP-
    Fixed atiflash alias to pass parameters properly.
    Fixed version string displays incorrectly on MF on tpruvot miners like cpuminer-multi
    Fixed gpu detection and listing on desktop.
    Moved sgminer gm, nicehash, and nvidia branches to co-exist in their own folders
    Updated all pimp profiles and confs. *** Renamed confs for organization!
    Upgraded and re-organized FAQ section
    New PiMP Workshop articles
    New miner.farm homepage

    pimp-1.9 rc16b released on 2017-04-04 (aka 1.9-rc16-proper):

    brought pimp 1.9 up to rc16, then:
    fixed pimpup breaking opencl after rc13
    fixed missing amdmeminfo
    updated all miners
    updated system packages
    removed unneeded packages

    pimp-2.0 rc16 released on 2017-02-28 (for 1.9 use pimpup):

    Introducing the new PIMP TROUBLESHOOTER (aka helpme 2.0) - A completely revamped diagnostics system with more to come!!!
    Rolled up all OS updates, PIMP and minerfarm software updates.
    More speed and reliability fixes.
    Added nvidia capability to PIMP OS, minerfarm, pimpup, and supplied profiles and confs.
    Major speed and cosmetic improvements to miner.farm, especially graphing and resource management.
    Pimpup now force updates when you run it.
    Fixed a bug in the pimpup that happened on some rigs that broke minerfarm.

    pimp-2.0 rc14 released on 2017-02-16:

    updated all PIMP software, confs and profiles to 20170216
    installed all OS bug fixes and updates to 20170216
    Updated pimpup for cosmetic changes
    ** MAJOR SPEED and reliability fixes to miner.farm site **
    ** miner data such as hashrate, fans, temps are now provided even for NOAPI miners!! **
    More improvements to helpme and diagnostics
    Fixed pimp --test to work with noapi miners
    Fixed RTNETLINK error popup on the GUI preventing miner start on 1.9

    2.0 rc13 released on 2017-02-07:

    Includes all pimpups released since rc10, and:
    updated all PIMP software, confs and profiles to 20170202
    installed all OS bug fixes and updates to 20170202
    added sgminer-pascal for pascal gpu mining on amd
    added nicehash support via pimpup (can substitute it in place of sgminer-gm and use same confs and profiles)
    updated pimp --stop to accept pimp --stop all (use yes | pimp --stop all
    for scripts)
    updated rb to do a hard sysrq reboot for better recovery of stuck gpus
    added amdmeminfo by ystarnaud and zuikkis for more troubleshooting info
    updated and enhanced helpme output with more commands
    updated pimp --test to show more output, have better error checking, and provide command line of the miner.
    updated minerfarm client to provide remote rig rebooting, switching, profile viewing, as well as enhanced feedback from the agent to the web app
    updated minerfarm client so the miners keep running even when the minerfarm service stops.
    fixed bug in 1.9 where bashrc was in the profile and blocking some pimpups
    fixed bug in 2.0 where there was a typo on the RDP prompt
    fixed bug in 1.9 where helpme url was not generated
    fixed bug in 1.9 where screenshot tool was not installed in the gui
    Fixed XMR default confs to use new PiMP XMR Wallet (Non-Bittrex)
    Fixed GPU datagather for hardware data (work in progress)
    Several miner updates including optiminer-zcash-amd and claymore-zcash-amd
    Updates for reliability on the agent

    1.9/2.0 rc10 released on 2016-12-22
    Added Claymore AMD GPU Zcash miner and profile.
    Added claymore, optiminer, and nheqminer to pimpup.
    Fixed GPU datagather for hardware data.
    Updated various system packages.
    Updated optiminer-zcash.
    Updated Profile selection in minerfarm (more user friendly.)
    Updated feedback chain function for miner.farm control.
    Updated minerfarm agent error handling.
    Updated key validation for performance.

    1.9/2.0 rc9 not released

    v2.0-amdgpu and v1.9-fglrx (rc8 was First Public Release): Released December 11, 2016
    Completely new rewrite from ground up with all new tools, rolling updates, and dual/multiple mining support for all popular algorithms.

    1.8 (changelog missing)

    Brought all miners and drivers up to date, this was the last of the "old generation images."

    1.7 (changelog missing)

    This was a 64-bit release of 1.6.

    1.6 (changelog missing)

    1.5.6-amd series
    released july 12 2014

    CHANGES FROM 1.5.5:

    NEW Features: SGMiner 5 Alpha - The multi algorithm hot switching miner is now in pimp! Support for algorithm/profile management per pool is in poolmanager, with a complete management interface coming soon!

    FarmWatcher - Part of the miner.farm family, Farmwatcher is the standalone replacement to the old Farmview that most of us knew, and some of us loved for its quick overviews of how our farms were running. This new farm overview utility has the functionality of the old one, which is super easy setup via broadcasting and listening for udp packets, but also supports adding machines via ip address for raw api access which provides more detailed information. Graphics card listing is now as soon as possible in the boot process - This should make troubleshooting easier, as you can determine faster whether you have a card/riser not functioning/being detected.

    MOTDGen - Ever wished you could get a quick glimpse at your miners health via ssh quickly? Well now you can, basic gpu/mining information is now shown on ssh login and dynamically regenerated at runtime.

    LMSensors - If you are mining on your rigs' CPU this is a must, even if you aren't, with all the noise and fans spinning on a rig its easy to overlook a critical one, the cpu fan! LMSensors is back, we plan to more tightly integrate this later on, but for now you can get started by checking out this howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto

    NEW Drivers, Miners, New Algorithms & algorithm changes and more Scrypt ASIC Support:

    ATI Catalyst 14.6 Beta - Everyone wants to get the most out of what they have, and 14.6 brings some nice performance improvements for X11/X13/X15 Algorithms. Hashrates on 7970/280x now around 4-4.2mh and 290 at 5mh for x11! With these new drivers come a whole slew of new miners and opencl kernel changes to stop the miner from not being able to generate valid shares because of differences from previous opencl versions. Thanks to the hard work of Ystarnaud this is also available to SG5 users, and if you prefer a more traditional miner, DJM34/x11&X13 mod miners are included in place of the 14.4 equivalent.

    Zeusminers are now officially supported! Thanks to the work of Darkwinde and dmaxl, zeusminer is in pimp and can be managed with seedmanager! Both cgminer 3.1.1 (Darkwinde/Zeusminer factory) and Cgminer 4.3.5 have profiles to support these recently released ASIC units.

    X15 - Dedicated X15 profile for SG5 added, not a switching profile by default. This should provide maximum stability for those only wanting to hammer out some X15.

    NIST5 (Talkcoin) - Miner and profile have been added!

    Blake256 (Blakecoin) - Miner and profile have been added

    ADVSHA3 (Jackpot) - New miner added

    Scrypt jane (Ultracoin)

    Bug Fixes:

    Squished -

    R9 290 primary woes - you should now be fine running R9 290's without dummy plugs and headless!

    Old scripts removed - Back in the day we had to walk up hill in the snow both ways and type firstboot to configure our gpus, now it just works.... This and start_mining/stop_mining have been deprecated/removed.

    Pimp Alias - Type pimp to get a list of commands -> pimp -> type pimp to get a list of commands .... DOH! Now you'll get a pretty list of how to manipulate your rigs when you type pimp.

    Mine start & Mine restart now have a newline at the end so that the prompt doesn't get garbled.

    Poolmanager graphing breaks are fixed

    Prompt lag / hang / bootmining issues are nailed down - If your config is valid, your box will mine from bootup!

    Helpme - Helpme has received some much needed love, no more will a sick rig that can't complete some of helpmes commands cause the script to hang, and helpme will give you an idea of what its doing, give it a test!

    Zip archive management utilities added. Because we heard you like to zip your zips while you zip

    Clean script no longer wipes out the /root/.ssh directory.

    1.5.5-amd series
    released june 5 2014

    NOTE: 1.5.5 is the compatibility release and is the candidate to become the basis of the PiMP platform going forward. It will function on 32-bit as well as 64-bit rigs and support up to 64 GB RAM, and up to 7 GPUs.

    KNOWN BUGS IN 1.5.5:

    r9 290 may go sick when mounted as primary on 14.4
    sick cards may the rig a few minutes after getting sick, possibly related to incorrect mem clock setting
    logs may need to be manually deleted (you can use the command cleanlogs to do so anytime (ignore any errors it gives).
    specialized pimpprompt may be slow
    x11 sgminer does not print version number at the top of its screen
    Auto Mine on Boot is not working reliably. To Fix: run pimpupdate and choose option 6 "Bootmining/prompt fix" and reboot..
    CHANGES FROM 1.4.2:

    Fixed PM/SM not editing confs correctly.
    Added links to go back and forth between Poolmanager and Seedmanager.
    Upgraded kernel and drivers to support latest hardware, networking, and Wifi.
    Fixed various networking and wifi issues. Eliminated Wicd in favor of Network Manager.
    Updated all of the miners, especially the X11 miner to support the optimized X11 and X13 algorithms! (x11mod and x13mod), sgminer, and bfgminer to latest builds.
    Added support for most ASICs especially Gridseeds.
    Added a wealth of information to the ssh/terminal login screen and the command prompt.
    Rebuilt pimpupdate and the miner build menus as well as various other PiMP scripts.
    Added scripts that detect GPU count and provide warning if GPU count changes between boots.
    Added linux atiflash utility for GPU BIOS flashing (Advanced users only)
    Added various disk and diagnostic utilities (to be described in future documentation.)
    Added and updated all possible network drivers, wired and wireless.
    Provided open terminal on desktop at boot time to allow direct terminal access without mouse.
    Fixed Sync clock time on boot as quickly as possible.
    Various security updates, bugfixes, removal of unneeded files, etc.
    1.4.2-amd-12.8 and -amd-13.12
    released may 15 2014


    GUI Shutdown doesn't work. Use Terminal sd instead.
    PoolManager/Seedmanager config editors are stepping on one another. pimpupdate Option #3 will fix it!.
    Wifi is not working correctly. Working on a fix.
    CHANGES FROM v1.4.1:

    PoolManager back to default, not SeedManager.
    Added GPU and ASIC detection to Desktop display.
    Added IP Address to Terminal Prompt.
    Added some disk I/O diagnostic tools, stay tuned for more info.

    1.4.1-amd-12.8 and -amd-13.12
    released may 14 2014

    BUGS: (major) PLEASE RUN THE UPDATE SCRIPT TO PATCH THE BUGS MARKED (fixed) by typing pimpupdate Seedmanager is the default. pimpupdate option #1 will put Poolmanager back as the default.

    CHANGES FROM v1.4:

    Fixed various mine start/stop/restart issues.
    Updated pimpupdate and all command line scripts.
    Fixed wi-fi detection and updated drivers. Interface now shows on boot to make it obvious.
    Disabled Display Power Management.
    Fixed and updated various miners.
    Fixed various seedmanager bugs. Moved to API port 4029 to stop conflict with PoolManager.
    All miner confs have gpu-threads defined as a placeholder.
    Fixed and updated various PiMP helper scripts.
    Added Jackpotcoin support and miner profile.
    Recompiled BFGminer for more ASIC compatibility.
    Added cgminer-3.7.3-kalroth and cgminer-4.3-gridseed (dmaxl) for ASICs.
    Added a GUI filemanager for our noob users.
    Downgraded kernel and used backported drivers for greater compatibility.
    Moved partitions around again and freed up a ton of space.
    Added some SeedManager default profiles.
    Updated pastebinit to new API.
    Removed sgminer-scryptjane, Yacminer has better jane performance.
    Replaced Exit on right-click desktop menu with Shutdown.
    Added command checkconf to syntax check your confs on the fly!
    Placed the default conf files into /opt/pimp/defaultconfs.
    Added terrific GUI file editor geany as default in X.
    Added terminal version of Wicd network editor, type: wicd-curses

    1.4-amd-12.8 and -amd-13.12
    released april 21 2014

    BUGS: (major) PLEASE RUN THE UPDATE SCRIPT TO PATCH THE BUGS MARKED (fixed) by typing pmupdate and select YES to the new poolmanager.conf

    (fixed) test and mine restart didn't work.
    (fixed) Password for Poolmanager didn't work. (Default is poolmanager / live)
    (fixed) Wireless networking did not work.
    Fix: sed -i -e 's/wireless_interface = None/wireless_interface = wlan0/g' /etc/wicd/manager-settings.conf

    (fixed) Added new manualrun and pimpupdate script to pmupdate.
    (moderate) DPMS (display power mgmt) was not correctly disabled.
    (moderate) sgminer has a bug with saving a stray comma. To fix, cd /opt/sgminer && make clean && git pull && ./autogen.sh && ./configure && make until we make a script for you.
    (moderate) Seedmanager is choking on a bad default conf. To fix, type rm /opt/ifmi/seedmanager.conf and it will recreate properly.
    (minor) default .confs should have "gpu-threads" : "1" instead of "0" so people can more easily know to make this change if appropriate for their cards.
    (minor) sc command should use a 5 second delay instead of 3.
    (minor) all command line pimp tools should give more feedback to the user.
    CHANGES FROM v1.3.1:

    Changed kernel, openCL libraries, and Catalyst drivers around to alleviate x not loading and other issues.
    Super Awesome PoolManager auto update script from sling00! Type pmupdate in the terminal and choose your options!
    Updated PoolManager now includes Password management and Pool SuperPriority (like for renting)
    Removed coldreboot command and made reboot cold reboot the machine (Just use rb)
    Added sd = shutdown machine command
    Added desktop icons and wireless IP on desktop display
    Added PoolManager as default browser home page and getpimp.org,PM,SM bookmarks
    Added latest wireless and networking firmware/drivers (i.e. Intel E1000e, E2200 Killer LAN, USB Devices)
    Remove graphical blue bar loading - back to verbose boot
    SPLIT RELEASES into Tahiti (7xxx/R9 280 series = Catalyst 12.8) and Hawaii (R9 270/290 series = Catalyst 13.12)
    Removed more sound drivers
    ADDED ASIC SUPPORT - Installed /opt/bfgminer (3.99) and Lily's Seedmanager!
    Of course we updated openSSL for you bleeding hearts out there.
    Misc. bugfixes and security updates

    1.3.1 beta
    released april 6 2014


    Intermittent and only experienced by some users at this time.
    sgminer hangs when starting (cannot generate kernel .bin files)
    desktop never comes up on boot
    cannot find temperatures of some gpus.
    Special Thank-you to sling00 on this release for extensive research and testing and entertainment.

    CHANGES FROM v1.2:

    Changed logrotates to save space.
    Disabled Display Power Management that was causing hash drops on some cards after 1 hour of mining. (See 1.1 bugs)
    Moved some partitions around and cleaned out more junk.
    Fixed PoolManager and the default miner profiles.
    Updated various scripts, including helpme script for advanced troubleshooting.
    Replaced LXDE with FluxBox window manager for speed and space. RIGHT CLICK ON DESKTOP FOR MENU!
    Customized FluxBox settings, display, options.
    Removed hashrate from desktop stats to reduce disk and miner API polls.
    Replaced NetworkManager with customized wicd for speed and space and better network performance.
    Added /opt/cgminer-3.7.2 (original ckolivas) as a reference miner for testing.
    Eliminate old NM DHCP to allow WICD full control of Networking.
    Various bugfixes.

    1.2 beta
    released march 30 2014

    CHANGES FROM v1.1:

    Fixed firstboot to auto run on boot to allow automatic GPU configuration/changes.
    Fixed miner conf files had some stray characters.
    Fixed locales warning on running perl scripts.
    Changed intensity on default cgminer.conf to 13.
    Upgraded to latest 3.13 kernel.
    Cleaned up some more unnecessary packages.
    Fixed ADL3: downgrade atitweak.
    Added miner profiles to default Poolmanager configuration for the various coins.
    Remove vertminer-gpu (sgminer-4.1.0 has better Scrypt-N performance.)
    Add YACMiner to /opt/yacminer to support new algorithm Scrypt-Chacha.
    Add copyright notices to protect PiMP from lame cloners diluting the good PiMP name.
    Add viewgpu script to allow for easy API calls for other tools. (Can type anywhere )
    Add helpme script to assist troubleshooting in #PiMP. (Can type anywhere.)
    Force Software IOMMU for greater motherboard compatibility.
    Split /var and /opt into their own partitions.

    1.1 beta
    released march 27 2014

    CHANGES FROM v1.0:

    Fixed RDP and remove VNC remote access.
    Fixed CPU load and Disk usage.
    Add amdmeminfo utility. Run amdmeminfo from anywhere.
    Update to latest PoolManager with Miner profiles and fixed Start/Stop
    Include more network drivers such as Killer E2200, Intel Wireless, Realtek Wireless
    Fixed miner variables are global now.
    Add easy pastebins! Use pastebinit <file> or <command | pastebin and it will give you the URL of your paste.
    Fixed conky didn't show correct IP address on the desktop.
    Fixed kernel panics and errors on sound and pc speaker drivers by disabling them.
    Fixed OpenCL driver issue with some R9 cards not being seen or Segfaulting on miner.
    Removed VMware tools.
    Remove swap partition and replace it with more free space to cut down on disk usage.
    New Miners: cgminer_heavy, sgminer-scryptjane. Removed maxminer as heavy has support for: skein, keccak, scrypt, and heavy. Included example conf files for all of the different algorithms.
    Cosmetic improvements, finalized name as Portable Instant Mining Platform and IRC Channel moved to #PiMP.
    Removed some junk from the Applications menu.
    Added automatic aticonfigures cards on each boot for those who need to add/remove/change GPUs. Automates first boot configuration.
    Added network time/date server to help with time zone issues.
    Latest wheezy backports kernel.

    1.0 beta
    released march 23 2014

    IP not detected on desktop display.
    PoolManager Start/Stop does not control the miner. (Fixed in latest git?)
    RDP Doesn’t work for some people.
    /opt/pimp/firstboot needs an -f in the aticonfig command
    vino server is eating cpu cycles and writing to disk.


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