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is it possible to integrate ethminer?

  • musicoin is a portal for awarding 1 MC per play for music produced. i have produced for many years so i started to put my back catalog on their portal. the idea is great about putting value in a blockchain for small producers like myself. you have to be a producer though and be able to prove your identity before they give you a musician account. otherwise MC is minable.

  • So good !!! We have ethminer in pimp now )))) Thx dev team )))))

  • Staff

    We are still working on integrating it fully, but its moving along nice. Right now there are some limitations.

    NVIDIA only works with CUDA 9+, right now I would not recommend anyone upgrade CUDA, the 9.0 and 9.1 will pull in 390.30, which will break things. Just wait a couple days for the NVIDIA repos to sort out with the right packages, or wait for us to release a point release with the drivers and libraries properly integrated with the kernel.

    AMD works with pretty much anything.

    NVIDIA + AMD only works if you have CUDA 9+ & only have one AMD card in the rig. Solve for that is also coming.

    NVIDIA cards need careful attention for tuning to optimize performance, more to come on that.

  • Maybe it is just me... but the hashrate reported for my ethminer process is shown as Kh/s and not Mh/s. My rig runs at 103Mh/s, but minerfarm shows it as 0.010Mh/s and the miner.farm website reports it as 103Kh/s. When I look at the console, I see that ethminer is reporting 103Mh/s as expected. It looks like somewhere the hashrate is interpreted incorrectly by a factor 1000.

    I checked the API:

    echo '{"id":17,"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"miner_getstat1"}' | netcat localhost 4028

    {"id":17,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":["0.14.0.dev1","612","103623;1900;0","27116;25986;27600;22920","0;0;0","off;off;off;off","64;44; 74;40; 79;44; 65;33","lb.geo.pirlpool.eu:8002","37;0;0;0"]}

    It shows the hashrate in Kh/s, but I guess minerfarm assumes it is h/s??

  • I meant minerfarm shows it as 0.10Mh/s :-) miner.farm website show it as 103Kh/s :-)

  • I noticed it has been reported already... looking forward to the fix. Keep up the good work :-D

  • hello everybody, how to set fan control when ethminer using? i tried it and gpu get hot very quick, when mining with sgminer the tem of gpus is 48-50 grad but with ethminer its 70 !!! any ideas?

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    We have an open issue for the reporting in Kh/s vs Mh/s. It will be resolved shortly. Thank you for reporting the issue, and for your patience as we fix the interfaces.

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    Use gputool to control the fans.


    Please let us know if you have any questions or issues with using it. There are some edge cases that have minor issues. Feel free to join the discord group for more immediate help while implementing gputool.

  • @anjin Newbie to pimp. Just Ran apt-get upgrade and later learned about pimpup. Pimpup hangs looking for gputool.notbroken. Is this related to CUDA updates breaking things? Is there a recovery or should I reimage to baseline 2.5?

  • Staff

    No. The hanging pimpup is related to the linux provided update_pciids failing. Please see more about this here:


    Good luck and Happy Mining!

  • Any word on Nvidia support? Don't want to upgrade to CUDA if it's going to break other things....

  • Staff

    Working on it, alex4. Thanks!

  • Staff

    PIMP 2.5.1 ethminer for nvidia working great. Enjoy! And here is a great guide to it: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/2558/pimp-guide-to-ethminer

  • For me it's not working. I tried several Versions, including the PIMP-Version. But after random Mining-Times I get errors:

    No-Connection after 2 Second

  • Staff

    With ethminer, You get more settings to pick from, but you have to set them! Make sure you use your troubleshooting skills and the pimp --test and pimp --debug commands as well as the healthy amount of example pools.

    Or you can try another miner that is easier to use out of the box.


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