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/opt/pimp/gputool --config says "ERROR: Detected GPUs = 7, Defined GPUs = 1!"

  • /opt/pimp/gputool --config

    WARNING: Intel GPUs are not currently supported for mining
    ERROR: Detected GPUs = 7, Defined GPUs = 1!

    Why? I have 6 brand new RX580's that are working great. What does "Defined GPUs = 1" represent specifically? Is this an error or normal to expect? I understand the Intel GPU error - being that it is my onboard graphics which we don't use for mining but why say I have 7 but only define 1?

  • Your gpu-config.json appears to be default. You need to run this command

    rm /root/gpu-config.json && yes | gputool --config

  • Yes - that worked - thanks.


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