Trouble getting my miner to show up in minerfarm

  • Unable to get my pimpos rig to show up in my minerfarm account. I did manually enter the short and long keys from minerfarm account and it says the agent service is running, I see an agent name, last update is error, unknown keys. Any tricks? is there an easy way to copy past from my browser into putty? as typing these things in manually could be user error I guess but I did recheck then 5 times. Trying to decide if use pimp, smos or hive os to remote manage my rigs but cannot get this one up and running.

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    Hello Presto,

    Yes using copy and paste as you say is the best way to ensure no errors are created when copying and pasting keys.

    Hear is a link to the forum post on how to enter your keys using ssh, see step 5:

    Once keys successfully copied and pasted in, reboot rig to make sure changes are reflected to your account.
    Best Louis


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